Cave Dwellings: Wind Gods 4…Cave Dwellers 1
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wind Gods 4…Cave Dwellers 1

  We were lulled into complacency last evening when the desert winds died down (somewhat) just before sunset.  Den was actually giddy at the prospect of finally being able to have a campfire again..We haven’t had one since the Saturday we arrived! I even snuck outside in my “uniform”, stood in the middle of the road and got a few shots of a really nice sunset…

100_6172 100_6175 100_6177 100_6176


…..and then ….the bottom dropped out from under us.  The Wind Gods dropped down from the skies and cranked out cold winds, blowing sand across the desert and bouncing it off our camper..Dennis instantly became depressed…and then he became defiant. He knew a campfire was now out of the question, but was bound and determined to cook our ribs outside.  He lit the charcoal and it was almost instantly ready to cook on, thanks to the gale forced winds..He screwed his baseball cap on tight (no, I haven’t convinced him to buy a cowboy hat yet), bundled up, and with tongs and ribs lashed to a plate , he faced the gusts head on. I should have taken a photo, but there was NO WAY I was sticking my toe out the door. I should say, though, the ribs were done in record time and delicious..Mr. Grillmaster at least won the grilling war, but the count of windy days so far is Wind Gods 4, Den and Donna 1.

Those winds were fierce all night long and we got a few drops of rain about 3AM…When we woke up this morning it was a lovely sunrise, which I just missed.  I jumped up to take a photo and the sun was already above the East horizon.  Not to be diswayed and ..since I was freezing my tush off in the 32 degree morning, I turned to the West and shot a photo of the campground, washed in the warm early morning sunshine. At least the SUN was warm.


We got up, got a cup of coffee and headed North to Deming to “kill 2 birds with one stone”, or drive..laundry and groceries…  We loaded up the laundry and headed to the coin laundry Den had found online…just down the road from the WalMart.  On the way, we passed through yet another Border Checkpoint.  They always ask if we have anyone or anything under our cover in the truck bed, but never bother to look.  We must appear to be very honest.

We drove past the Florida mountains and I took a picture out of the dirty truck window, so if appears a little hazy, it wasn’t just blowing dust…

100_6184We got back to our camper about noon and the winds had started to increase their miles per hour to Cat 1 hurricane. We hadn’t taken our walk, so after lunch, much against my better judgment, we trekked around the park for our 2 miles…I put on my cap and wool shirt…lost my cap once and chased it down the sandy road..I decided to screw it on backwards and do my best imitation of an aged gang banger biker grandma.  While walking and blowing along ,I noticed a building across the road from the park that had tires all over the roof..


Den thinks this is to hold the metal roof down in the wind, and I tend to agree.  It certainly isn’t for aesthetics..Hey, ya gotta use what you got at the time!!




We walked by Cootes Hill, which is where the 13th Calvary watched for a return attack from Pancho Villa the day after he raided Columbus.  They were afraid he would return, so they put all of the women and children in the school…Here is a photo of Coote’s Hill…



This is about 3 miles from the border and when you look South you can see Mexico easily…and anyone using the element of surprise for an attack.



When we first came here, I noticed the water tank, they call it a rain harvester. It was painted with a colorful Southwest desert mural. I later found out that it is done by students at Columbus Elementary School and promotes water conservation.

100_6189 100_6190

Around the top it says,”Today You Are Drinking ICE-AGE water….Now! “What” Will You Drink Tomorrow?” …Very poignant and very good artwork…

All you kids have been pestering us about when we are going to take you to The Pink Store in Palomas…Well, we have now decided to put it off until Friday..That is the day that looks to be the best weather… and not as much wind. We wouldn’t want any of you to lose your hats or get dust in your britches…so don’t be assured you will get to go with us…

It looks like another night of “rock-a-bye camper”…honest to God, it’s almost like a bad amusement park ride sometimes…I must remember not to fill my wine glass too full or it may slosh out and get on the carpet! Thanks for tuning in…Hasta manana!!(Until tomorrow).

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  1. Three years ago while at Pancho Villa we got snowed on twice. Not nice!! And it was while staying there over Christmas of 06 that both Kelly & I got to sit on Santa's knee over in the community center on Christmas Day:))