Cave Dwellings: Clear & Calm…With A Chance of Mosquitos…..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 22, 2010

Clear & Calm…With A Chance of Mosquitos…..

  We stayed in bed this morning and listened to the quiet….no wind sounds…finally! Last night I ended up cooking our turkey in the oven and it turned out great.  Before the wind died down last night we had little surprise in store for us…a mosquito hatching!  This photo was taken through our back window..for good reason.  




These are mosquitoes, folks.  At first glance I thought they were a swarm of gnats…WRONGO!  A few landed on the window, and the last time I checked, gnats didn’t have stingers.  So , after the floods, hurricanes and typhoons, let me guess ..we get the swarms of Biblical proportions..I swear we just cannot win! 

We took our walk FINALLY this morning.  It was 38 degrees and no wind..lots of sunshine.  We actually saw some deer beginning to return to the open areas, now that the crowds had left…Even the birds were happily singing about the calm, sunny day.

000_0099 000_0101

…The lake was a totally different lake today…like glass.  What a difference a day makes!! I just hope this calm lasts all day..

000_0100000_0107 000_0109

…I was finally a “Happy Camper” again!…and life was returning to normal.


There were still a few remembrances of the winds that tore through here for the past 3 days…The poor little kids who were trying to enjoy spring break didn’t plan on losing their kite to the Wind Gods…( who nastily were in cahoots with the Tree Gods).


As I have said before, I am married to a wood gatherer…You knew that….When some of the campers cleared out, Dennis went on a gathering adventure last night..

000_0095 000_0096

…Again, being the wimp that I am, I took these from INSIDE the RV…I am no martyr, and if there is a mosquito out there, it will spot me the second I put my foot on the step.

  On the way back from our walk this morning, Paul Bunyan spotted another wood gathering opportunity.. a rather large limb someone had left at their fire pit .

000_0102 000_0103 000_0104

Den goes in for the kill…Den grabs the piece of wood and hauls it back..



  After lunch, I was very excited by the opportunity to don my “sunning outfit” and go outside.  I was also thrilled with the new view…                             


  You may notice that there are absolutely NO campers to impede my view from my seat outside.  (This was soon to change.)  It was a very quiet ,beautiful day to sit outside and read my book. Unfortunately, only one hour after I foolishly thought we were alone, a couple big rigs pulled in right in the middle of this view.  Oh well. 

  Also, shortly after I plopped myself in my spot in the sun, the turkey buzzards began to circle like they had some carrion spotted below…Could that be me?? I AM old, no doubt, but there a lots more elders over on the other campground loops…Why do they circle ME???? Should I be afraid….???


..When I was looking upward, watching the circling, sneering Buzzards, I noticed that the sun had a huge ring around it.  It was hard to look up at it without burning out my eye sockets, but I did manage to get a couple tries at recording it in a photo..

000_0115  000_0116

..I held my hand over the sun so you could get an idea how big the circle was.  I had to look this up on the computer to see what could cause this, and here is what I found:


“The ring is caused by sunlight or moonlight being diffracted as it passes through cirrostratus clouds that are usually at altitudes above 20,000 feet. Cirrostratus clouds are composed mostly of small ice crystals that spread out into a thin layer. They are sheet-like, and the sun and moon can be seen through them easily.”….There….ya got it??

   While I was lounging in the ring of the sun and totally relaxing, Dennis was busy climbing all over the camper ..He was trying to fix our rain spout with some epoxy (glue).  The spout was loose when we left  home in December, and was made worse by the storm we had at Hickiwan Trails, so he just pulled it off so we wouldn’t lose it down the road somewhere.  Now he was attempting to glue it back on..He finally climbed down, deciding to wait and get some different stuff from an RV store or online.  He is just sooo busy….hunting and cutting wood, repairing stuff.  I suppose I should feel guilty about goofing off in the sun…then again…maybe not.

   I came inside about 3PM, done to a toasty medium – well, and smiling like a Cheshire Cat.  We are hoping for at least a couple more good days before the next Armageddon hits in the form of wind and rain.  I guess that it’s just  what you call Spring in Texas!  As for now, it is time for my shower..followed by Happy Hour..and Mr.Grillmaster is going to fix country beef ribs on the Smokey Joe tonight..Yummy!!!!! More tomorrow!

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