Cave Dwellings: Small Craft Warnings….Small Tent Warnings..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, March 19, 2010

Small Craft Warnings….Small Tent Warnings..

   When we woke up at 6:45 this morning and turned on our bedroom TV, we had zip, zilch, jack squatnothing, but a lot of fuzzy white noise.  My first thought was that something, or someone, had moved our satellite dish.  Dennis offered to throw on some clothes and go outside to see…I said “no, we don’t need the TV on”, secretly hoping he would do exactly what he said he was going to do…and he did. I got up with him and watched out the window as he used the flashlight to try and find out what the problem was.  Suddenly, (so McGuyver-like), Walla! We had TV, and I knocked on the window to let him know…Apparently the dish got off signal somehow, but, as usual, McGuyver figured it out!
  Today started out cloudy and breezy, and then turned sunny and breezy.. I really hate the “breezy” part….Yesterday there were some sailboats on the lake…000_0014
  ….but so far, today, there aren’t any.  The breeze is now, officially at the “wind gusts”status…  and there are lots of whitecaps now. No sunbathing today for Donna.
 000_0040 000_0035
I reluctantly dragged out the cleaning supplies… The cleanser, glass cleaner, pledge wipes, bathroom stuff and the vacuum…I shouldn’t dislike this job so much.  I have a much bigger cleaning job at home in Illinois waiting for me..This lifestyle is not conducive to tidiness, at least not for me.
After my make shift cleaning job, we took our daily walk to the other, more “geriatric” campground…(where we SHOULD be!)…and it looked like lots of those rigs will be leaving this Sunday. The wind became an even bigger issue about 11AM..Last night Dennis helped some of our neighbors get their tent lashed down..This morning they are trying desperately to keep it upright…
000_0031 000_0036
…and that wasn’t the only tent in some trouble..
After lunch, I walked down by the swimming beach..or should I say I BLEW down to the beach..The waves were breaking over the shore, looking ominous and mean.  There were a few brave boaters out on the lake…( or should I say suicidal), and some determined kids playing in the sand by the beach..Those kids had to be desperate…That wind was not a warm one.  It was coming in right over the lake..
 000_0042 000_0043 000_0044
We have pretty much been slugs today…well, I did shovel out the camper! That wind will keep you/me inside.  When I went to the beach, I thought my hairdo was going to end up in the drink…and me with it!  We had thoughts of going up to Luckenback today, (you know, “with Waylon and Willie and the boys”), but I would prefer not to be blown around the outdoor bar like a kite clinging to a long neck beer…maybe another day, when the gale warnings aren’t issued.   I can’t imagine being in a tent on days like this, but then, I am a wimp when it comes to wind.
  There are some cool dead trees near the lakeshore here. OK, I think they are very cool looking…and a little spooky.
Occasionally you can find a Vulture or two sitting high in the branches.  I tell Dennis that they keep following us, just waiting for one of us to keel over..Nasty birds..
This ground here reminds me of a place we have stayed before..Georgetown, Texas.  It is just about 75 miles North of us, not far from Austin.  The ground is almost all limestone.  You can forget about doing much digging in it.  There are quite a few big boulders lying around, and many of the homes have used the limestone in their construction.
Tomorrow looks like a rain event, and even more windy than today.  Den went out and put the ‘ol ratchet straps on our Hughesnet dish ,just in case.  So far we haven’t lost it, but that’s because McGuyver has it staked, tied, lashed and anchored in about 17 different places.
Sooo….cooking outside  tonight is out of the question…Luckily, I had already planned on tacos to be  cooked by Chef Me, inside …thank goodness for propane!  I doubt Dennis will attempt a fire outside unless the wind dies down LOTS!!  We are off to Satler tomorrow afternoon ,to go to the VFW and find a pizza for dinner. We really need to get ourselves some cowboy hats..We totally have “Winter Texans” written all over us . When we walk into the local joint, everyone turns and gives us the look, as if to say,"Here come some more of them!”…but we have usually found that they are very friendly Native Texans, and tolerate us well.  I will blog more tomorrow about our trip to the big town of Sattler, Texas, that is  if we don’t take flight!!

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