Cave Dwellings: Rainy Day With Some Neat Clouds..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rainy Day With Some Neat Clouds..

  It was looking quite ominous last night while Dennis was Chief Chef at the Smokey Joe.  Just as he took the chicken wings off the grill it began sprinkling..and never quit raining all night.


  They have had lots of rain around here since we were here in December.  Canyon Lake water level is much higher than it was then.  Luckily Den stacked our firewood under the covered picnic table last night, so it stayed nice and dry. It was too rainy to walk early, so we drove into the WalMart at New Braunfels to get some groceries..what a dreary day. We loaded up on staples and I found a nice Corned Beef Brisket for tomorrow, St. Patty’s Day, and of course the cabbage, red potatoes and carrots …the whole 9 yards.  I have a great crock pot recipe…Now all I need to do is talk Dennis into sacrificing one of his beers for the cause…Good Luck with that, right? We always stop at the H.E.B. for most of our meat.  They usually have cross cut beef ribs, which are hard to find except in North and Central Texas.  I was devastated to find they didn’t have any today. I love those things!!! In lieu of the ribs, I grabbed a couple nice steaks for a nice “cook-out” when the weather gets better.

   When we came out of the grocery store the sun was trying to beat it’s way out of the cloud cover.  The temp is only 56 degrees, but every time I feel like complaining, I remember what it is in Illinois.  I put the groceries away when we got back,…separating, re-wrapping, dividing, tagging and creatively trying to get all that stuff in the freezer ,and still be able to shut the door.  I am constantly reminding Den that grocery shopping and putting away is a fine art form..only a trained professional can do it properly.



  After re-stirring my cupboards and refrig,  we noticed the rain had finally stopped.  It still looked somewhat threatening, but we decided we wouldn’t melt, and we took our daily 2 mile walk.

100_6290 100_6291

    We were pleasantly surprised to spot this little doe, hiding in the brush from the big bad campers. The Live Oak trees were beginning to get new leaves, and they really stood out when in amongst the Mountain Cedar..

100_6289 100_6296

  It was beginning to cloud up again, so we picked up the pace a bit…Well, some of us did. I tend to “lallygag” with my camera.. trying to get the “good shots”..Some day I will end up just like Dorothy and Toto , risking life and limb to get a good shot of the funnel cloud just as it hits..

100_6293   100_6298

  Right now it has started sprinkling again.  We are trying to decide if we are going to precook our foil wrapped baby back ribs out on our fire pit (over the wood fire), or put them in the oven to precook them.  I much prefer the smoking idea.  First of all, Chef Dennis gets this job….Secondly, the wood smoke adds a flavor you just don’t get with propane…and thirdly, less clean up in here. Either way, they will end up on our Smokey Joe charcoal grill for the final browning. I think I have I told you before that we eat pretty darn good here.

   Well, not much exciting is happening here, unless you count sorting laundry for tomorrow morning’s Laundromat run.  Oh..wait one moment…Looks like Dennis has “pulled the trigger” on the rib smoking…He just went outside and lit the campfire….Yeah!!! Donna dodges another food bullet!

Tonight is shower night at the ‘ol HitchHiker. One thing I have found here is that a shower having constant hot water and good water pressure is a challenge.  With so many campers ,(the park is again FULL) ,I am either scalding myself and the shower spray is Cat. 1 hurricane strength, or I am freezing while balancing on one leg, trying to get under the 3 drips of cold water.  This usually happens when I have just soaped up my hair…yea, you said it…It is NOT pretty.

  I had hoped to permanently put my flannel night shirts in the bottom of the closet..WRONG!!! My uniform remains in winter mode and I long for the day I can bring out my “Beauty and the Beast” summer sleepwear…OK, so I refuse to grow up, too!

It is time for my shower now, so I need to go preheat my boudoir with our little heater..I am a little afraid of how this shower thing will end up tonight, but I must face the “demon shower'” head on…Did I just say shower head on?? Please excuse me today.. I am in need of some sunshine time…My mind is becoming warped…More tomorrow….

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