Cave Dwellings: Is it the Lucky Bamboo…or just old age???
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it the Lucky Bamboo…or just old age???

  Last night Dennis was actually enjoying himself out by the fire…

000_0264 000_0263

He had a good day and finally got to unwind.  We put a couple CD’s in the player and turned up the sound.  We can’t get quite the same sound as we did in December because the surround sound broke in our player…Like I said before, we have had an eventful trip this year.  You would think we would  be having better luck than we have..I brought along the  “Lucky” Bamboo plant from home because I didn’t want to ask anyone to take care of it…

000_0271 So much for the lucky bamboo..I think we were “bamboozled”!!!

  About 6PM last night we got some new neighbors.  Their license plate says Illinois, but we haven’t seen anyone outside yet to see what part of Illinois they are from. Of course, nobody can beat the name of the town we are from…Sandwich.  We get lots of ,”Did you say Sandwich, as in 2 slices of bread with baloney between them?”…yes, we did…Here is the new neighbors house.. That is a really long rig they are pulling down the road.              


This morning we had our coffee in the “to go” mode because the laundry was ready to be tended to, (a nicer way of saying ‘piling up’).  We drove into Texarkana and went to a place  mistakenly called “Fun Wash”.  We remembered being here last year…but we apparently had forgotten the high cost…I really think the name “Fun Wash” was deceiving…I find no fun in depositing $2.00 worth of quarters in each washer load we do….nope,… no fun there at all.

  After our trip to the “high end” coin laundry, we decided to stop at the Shady Pines RV place.  They had a couple new HitchHikers there and we were just curious at the improvements, if any, that had been made.  They no longer make the kind we have, the HitchHiker II, LS…There was no floor plan that we were in love with.  They have made the bathrooms much bigger, with the sink, shower and toilet all together …NOT in OUR camper, thank you. First of all, it takes up way too much room and makes your bedroom area makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a closet…It was fun to look, though.and I took a couple photos of campers we will never have…

000_0266 000_0265

  Our walk had been put off in lieu of the laundry, so after getting all the clean “stuff” in the designated drawer (sometimes I am finding Den’s in mine and visa versa), we put on the sunglasses and set the watch for the 2 mile, 1/2 hour trip into the woods. I cannot tell you how pretty this woods is here…The dogwood are blooming now also..

000_0269   (clik the pik to make bigger)

…and here is what it looks like when the pollen is blowing at you…Run, Dennis, Run!!!!!

  That foggy looking stuff is pollen, kids…believe it or not!! Dennis is already beginning to feel the gritty green stuff in his contact lenses …This is the ONLY drawback of being in the tall pines, though.

  We walked past “Catfish” Jone’s camper.  Nobody was there ,but I loved his sign over the shelter they had set up..

000_0267 000_0268

  As you can see from the photo on the right, they are all set up to cook for a crowd..I think they feed half the campground!!  He has more cooking equipment than Paula Dean.  He has a big electric roaster, a smoker, electric fry pans, deep fat fryers, cast iron skillets… and get this…He deep fries those little biscuits that come in the pop open canister, then puts sugar on them while they are hot!! We had one a few years ago.  His exact words, and I will never forget them, were,”Take one bite o’ that and it’ll put y’all right into a coma!” My blocked arteries sobbed all the way home.

You know, I love camping for many reasons, but one of my favorites is the fact that the “date night” grooming isn’t necessary.  When camping ,I rarely pour myself into any tight jeans, as you can see by the pictures…I almost NEVER use the blow dryer (except to defrost the freezer).  I guess I just let things kind of “go” with the tweezing, mascara and such.  However, I think I have let things on my face get a little too too far out of hand…This afternoon, while sunning, I reached up to brush something from my eyebrow …and it WAS my eyebrow.  Honest to God, I had a long gray hair growing from my brow that would have rivaled any hair on Den’s face, (and he is one hairy guy!)….AND…not only that, but since when do I have gray eyebrows??  When did that happen?? That does it,…that bamboo has got to go!!

  OK, now that I have calmed down and recovered from the reality of my sasquatch-like grooming changes, I think I’ll go into the bathroom mirror, get out the hedge clippers ,and mow through my newly discovered facial hair..Is this all part of the “Golden Years”?..or just a Communist plot??  More tomorrow…with a more well groomed “me”…. I really need to clean up my act!!!

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