Cave Dwellings: Ahhh, Justice…Little Old Lady Nabs Speeder
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahhh, Justice…Little Old Lady Nabs Speeder

  Last night it got down to the low forties…and we had turned off the heater, so it was a bit nippy to visit the “loo” in the middle of the night. Brrrr! We did get to enjoy a nice campfire while the crock pot was doing the cooking…and th000_0017e sunset was lovely…..

..I wouldn’t know about the sunrise.  I am still slightly confused by the 2 hour time change we incurred while coming East from Arizona,  and the bed just seems to be wrapping us up and hanging on to us until at least 7:30AM.  I’m sure the sunrise was probably pretty nice, rising over Canyon Lake..I was greeted by a bright light coming through our shades into the back window, making it quite pleasant even with the shades still down.  When I pulled them up, they hit my crystal prisms hanging in the window and made a dancing rainbow on our ceiling….

  After a quick breakfast, we took our walk.  This time we headed North, cutting through to yet another road and following it into a very lovely residential area.  The homes on this end of Canyon Lake have nice big lakefront views, with lots of Live Oak trees on their property. Some of the flowering trees are beginning to blossom..

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  Most all of the homes here have tin roofs, too.  I think I could learn to live here….The views of the lake are fabulous.  We walked all the way to where the lake actually begins from the creek..


  There is another boat ramp on this end of the lake and you have to go down a steep hill to get to it, but the view of Canyon Lake from the top is great!


  We cut back to our camper across an open field…I know that is slightly cheating, but the 2 mile walk was achieved by then, and we were ready for another cup of java.  Here is the homestead until March 28th




..I had a thought that this weekend might be a tad quieter than last…Now I am having second thoughts about it..More tents have been set up, more sweet little children are present ….and more big smokers are rolling in..


I grabbed another cup of coffee and took my act outside to keep a watchful eye on the ensuing carnival…We are parked right across from the shower house/bathroom, which makes for a clear path right through our “backyard” for anyone in need.

The speed of the vehicles being driven through this park is bordering on lethal!  I wish I had enough “chutzpah” to get myself a whistle and blow it at all speeding vehicles that zip through the park..I was becoming increasingly livid at the speeders when my wish came true..The “Park Narc” lady ( my name for the gate people), came puttering on her little scooter, relentlessly tracking an offending pickup truck.YEAH!!  She was a bit of a spitfire and surprised the young driver when she gave him a good “dressing down” for speeding..She caught up with him right by our camper and I tried to hide the smirk behind my coffee cup…SWEET JUSTICE… in the unsuspecting form of a formidable little old lady….She has my extreme admiration for the rest of our stay.

  As I was sitting , sipping my coffee in smug satisfaction, our neighbor across the green came over and introduced herself.  She , her husband, 2 boys and 2 dogs  were leaving for the day, and wanted us to keep an eye on their motor home.   They were going to the Natural Bridge Caverns and just wanted someone to know.  (Of course,  I am NOT the one to be confrontational, as you can see..I needed to tell her about the Park Narc )..But , instead, I told her we would keep an eye peeled.  Their family is from Ft. Worth area and have a rented the LARGE motor home for 10 days over Spring Break….I got to meet Rocket, their 5 year old Australian Sheppard..He was huge and furry…and liked me…Meet Rocket…..


I did change into my sunshine clothing and get some serious rays this afternoon.  I had to test for the correct spot to get maximum sun exposure and MINIMUM wind exposure… Sometimes this is next to impossible….This seems to be a good spot…


We took our bike ride all the way over to the tree area this afternoon.  As I said, this seems to be the quieter, elder side of the park .  I tried to make the hill again on my “old lady” bike, and the hill beat me again.  I ended up walking it up at the top , as I watched Dennis gleefully zoom by me…that rotten so and so…whatever…

Tomorrow is suppose to be another gorgeous day and we are just being lazy butts.   It is nice to just relax and enjoy the weather..According to the forecast, Saturday will be a challenging day..They are calling for possible rain, much cooler and 55 mph wind gusts…I just bet that weather will put a literal damper on the weekend partiers.  Of course, WE never did any partying at that age, right???  We are planning on driving down by the dam and into Sattler on Saturday…I love the sign by the side of the road as you come down the hill to go to the Canyon Lake Dam…It says, “Slow Down and See the Dam…Speed Up and See the Dam Judge!”…the law West of the Guadalupe…a very clever sign.

  OK, another blog hits the fan…At least I have some new photos…And now, it is time for my shower..followed by happy hour..followed by cheeseburgers on the grill ..Kudos to Mr. Grillmaster…It just doesn’t get any better in life than this…And thanks again to you…for reading to the bottom…

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  1. I have been to Canyon Lake and love it there. I have a friend that lives in one of those houses that overlooks the lake.

    Be careful when walking through those open fields. Rattle snakes abound in those fields! You might want to consider investing in a good pair of western boots if you plan on walking through those open fields.