Cave Dwellings: The HitchHiker Landed…To A Huge Fiesta!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The HitchHiker Landed…To A Huge Fiesta!!

   Our day began at 6:30AM when we jumped out of bed and began to get things underway for travel..We were on the road toward Tucson by 7:20…We CAN move fast if we have to!! Our drive took us through some Pecan groves..

100_6030 100_6031

…. pecans, walnuts and wine sounded good…but using wine as a chaser for my coffee didn’t, so we passed..We drove through Texas Canyon, just outside of Benson…I love this place..I want to live here, but I would have to build a home of stone…

100_6028 100_6029

Dennis has a bladder the size of a small hot air balloon…He went almost all the way to New Mexico before he needed a potty break, while I had already taken one many miles back..We made really good time, and turned South at Deming N.M. on Rt 11 for the 32 mile drive into Columbus…and were pleasantly surprised by what we found waiting…Fort Furlong Day at Pancho Villa State Park….This was a celebration commemorating the day that Pancho Villa and his Villaristas invaded Columbus New Mexico…The state park is on the place where Fort Furlong was..

We finally picked our way through the soldiers, horses, dancers, food stands and celebrants with our rig standing our like a huge invader.  The park ranger came out to meet us and told how to get to our spot…We had no map, but we  found our spot, campsite #7, which we had reserved…and someone was already in it..Just as Den and I were giving each other “that look,” the ranger found us and said that the people camped in our site were leaving at 2PM..and we should just leave the camper where it was for now and join the celebration…food and beer…OK, we’re in.!

Here are a few pictures I took of the celebration…


100_6035 100_6038 100_6042

100_6054 100_6057 100_6064

100_6049   100_6048

(remember to clik the pik to enlarge)


This next one is Dennis trying to negotiate a beer while the mariachis were playing next to him, in his already deaf ear…


We walked back to our campsite about 1:45 and it was now unoccupied and ready for us to pull in…and WHAT a difference a day makes in campsites….I LOVE this place…

100_6068 100_6070100_6069 

We have just finished opening slides, setting stuff on counters, setting up 2 satellite dishes,(I have nothing to do with that….), hanging bird feeders, wind chimes and spinners, setting up campfire stuff….and I am now finishing  my blog….We are excited to spend our last week before we go back to Texas right here in New Mexico…truly “the land of enchantment’….

Hey…..I smell smoke….That crafty little Dennis has already got his campfire going…I’ll be right back, I have100_6071 to get a picture of him for this blog…


You see that vacant chair?? That has my name written all over it…Time for my shower and then…a campfire!! I will take more pics of the park tomorrow..It really is beautiful..Come and sit close to the fire …I think it will be another nice sunset…and, no, we don’t have any marshmallows….See ya tomorrow.


  1. That last picture of Dennis looks like the beer got to him..

    I hate when that happens..

    You two have fun

  2. We really liked our stay at Pancho Villa. We were newbies at the time with our truck & fifth wheel & this was the first park we spent any time in before moving on to Hickiwan. GET YOURSELF ON DOWN TO THE PINK STORE AT THE BORDER....FREE MARGUARITAS WHEN YOU GO IN:)) We got some dental work done & eye glasses in the mall behind the Pink Store too.

  3. Still riding along w/ya. Is it my computer or is there a problem with your pictures. A few come up and then they have a little box in the upper left hand corner with a x in it. Damn I want to see pictures too, not that your descriptions aren't great Donna. I sent Joe W. a message via FB that the next time his folks are over to get them on your blog. I am sure they will enjoy it as much as we do. Jim & Barb