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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, March 4, 2010


   To almost everyone’s relief, I am sure, I will try to make this blog much shorter than yesterday’s..We didn’t do anything exciting, unless you count weekly groceries as a thrilling adventure..

We did our coffee and took our 2 mile walk around the park…whoopie..Then we went into Sahuarita to the nearest WalMart.  It has been gorgeous weather here since Sunday, which makes it lots more tolerable. We checked out the fuel prices and they are running $2.95 a gallon for diesel…Den decided that Saturday morning we would make a quick getaway and get fuel up on I-10, where it will probably be cheaper…

I have saved a couple pictures I took yesterday for today’s blog..We went through the Tumacacori Mission garden yesterday and took these pics of some of the plants raised in their mission garden..

Agave...make Tequila from this.. Honeysuckle Orange tree

Left to right is and Agave, Honeysuckle, and an orange tree.  They use the Blue Agave to make tequila out of,(not here at the mission, of course)…Oh yea, I need one of those in MY garden!! While we were there at the mission, there was a Native American making and selling homemade tortillas right on the mission grounds…

making tortillas 100_5969

…She had her dough on a huge stone and patted it into a round, then put it on a griddle heated underneath by a mesquite fire…It smelled heavenly, but we had just eaten lunch so we passed…After we toured the mission, we HAD to stop at the Old Tumacacori Bar, right across the street (how convenient) and have a long neck.  Surprisingly, the beers were only $2.50 each….cheaper that back in Illinois..and icy cold!!! We each had only one.  We remembered the Border Patrol checkpoint we had to go through on the way back and didn’t want to see what the inside of the Tumacacori jail looked like…

where we went for a beer across from San Xavier Mission

Here we were, approaching the checkpoint…heavily guarded by cameras, dogs and agents…This is sitting at the top of the off ramp of I-19 North, coming from Nogales..

Border Patrol Checkpoint North of Nogales, AZ in line for Border Patrol check

Well, today was pretty non-eventful…I did clean all my rocks we found out in the desert at the dry riverbed yesterday…I think I have some really neat ones, but I have no idea what they heck they are…


I especially liked this one…I think it has a vein of gold in it..Dennis thinks it is fool’s gold…Perfect! I certainly fit the part!!

100_5990 100_5991

OK, OK, it probably is just fool’s gold, but I like a little bling in my stones I find, so this one makes me extremely happy.  We are going to invest in a good rockhound book when we get home. That way I won’t make the mistake of hanging a piece of driveway paver around my neck .

  We are counting down with great anticipation our move into New Mexico Saturday..That is…IF we can get this rig out of our tight parking spot…Let me rephrase that…If DEN can get this rig moved out of here!….We are packed in like sardines.  The people on our North side have a pile of junk almost right under our dining table slide, and the guy on our South side has a toy hauler, triple axle.  He parks his Harley AND his truck almost in front of us…My job in this nightmare will likely be directing our exit from the front and rear of the camper, waving wildly at Den’s sweet face in the side mirrors of our truck …and maybe doing some unique finger signals.  All of you in the back seat..cover your ears.. Oh well, not to worry until Saturday morning…..

Tonight is shower night and my last real Navy shower, using only 6 teaspoons of water..We have electric AND water starting Saturday..YEA!!! I hope you haven’t been offended by my rantings here in Amado…Being that I have “vented” on a regular basis, I feel lots better…and it is cheaper than a shrink…Thanks for listening for almost a full week…More tomorrow…but I will try to be positive!!

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  1. When you get back to Illinois you might want to take a look at the rock hound club in DuPage County. I used to be a member there when I lived in Illinois. They are good folks that love sharing their knowledge with others.