Cave Dwellings: Back to Texas…We’ve come full circle
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back to Texas…We’ve come full circle

   Saturday morning we pulled up stakes and headed East on Rt. 9 to El Paso..Rt. 9 is virtually empty of traffic  in Southern New Mexico, with the exception on the ever present Border Patrol…

100_6238 100_6233

  At one point the road travels very close and parallel with the border and the little fence that separates the US from Mexico…


  When we got almost to El Paso, we noticed that even out here, you sometimes get into the pollution factor…smog….


When we came out here in December, we decided to go around El Paso to the North on the 285 loop.  It is a little longer, but much less traffic…and very scenic when you go up and over the mountains…(also much like a scary ride as you come over the top and are pushed all the way to the bottom by your camper…not to mention the “runaway” truck ramps!



Saturday night was spent at Hilltop RV Park at Fort Stockton…It is brand  new and sits very high (hence the name) on the North side of I-10. 100_6249 100_6247

100_6255 100_6251

The photo on the left was taken out our camper window…looking on the interstate and all of the cars headlights headed East.(clik the pik to make larger.)

   By Sunday morning, we had set our clocks ahead twice…Once when we crossed from Mountain Time into Central (Sat. afternoon), and once again Saturday night for Daylight Savings Time.  By now our heads were spinning like the Exorcist.  Cocktail hour comes sooner, which is GOOD, but I wake up at 5AM now, which is BAD!…. My body feels like it has been spun around in a centrifuge training device for astronauts…and spit out somewhere between 12AM and 12PM…

  We left Fort Stockton this morning about 8AM, which use to be 7AM, which use to be 6AM….whatever.  Since Friday, we had come from stands of cactus, through the rugged Devil Ridge Mountains of New Mexico, the smog of El Paso, flat mesas of East Texas, and finally the smatterings of Live Oak  trees as we headed into Hill Country…..This USA is sooo vast with constantly changing scenery…and WE are sooo lucky to be traveling it!

The HitchHiker landed at Canyon Lake, Potter’s Creek at 1:00PM, with temps at 80 wonderful degrees and the boats and jet skis abounding.  The camp sign warned us it was full, but we had been smart enough to make reservations waaayyy ahead of time…We remember Texas in March…Spring Breakers!!  We are now all set up, with bird feeders hung, TV and Hughesnet Satellites clicking on all cylinders, bikes out, grill out, chairs out…stuff out..check, check, and check!!

100_6262  …It is almost cocktail hour…at least I think it is…or maybe it isn’t …Hell, I am so confused that I am calling it….IT IS COCKTAIL HOUR!!  You kids may want to go to bed early…or late….at any rate, you were great riders, so now you can relax for the 2 weeks we will be here….See you tomorrow…and please remember to let us know if you are going to jet ski!!!

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