Cave Dwellings: Bad News/Good News ……
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad News/Good News ……

   Well, I had some great sunrise photos to post on today’s blog…I was actually vertical, dressed and alert when I took them this morning…That is so unlike me.  I also took some pretty nice pictures of the park today…it was a beautiful day and the boats were out like crazy…Soooo, I went to review the photos I had taken today and my camera had a message for me…the photo memory card had an error..WHAT!!!??? Of course, my answer to anything is to run to McGuyver.  He took a look at it and said that the memory card was bad (I know the feeling).  Not understanding my camera even slightly, I thought I was out of luck for photos until we could get a new card…I was, again, wrong.  McGuyer informed me that I have enough memory in the camera to hold about 25 pictures at one time…This is beginning to sound much better…Apparently I can still take photos, but I did lose the ones I had taken today…Oh well, I think I will post a few old ones from this park that we took last year ,and start with fresh photos tomorrow..Kind of like watching reruns, right??

So here are a few reruns..


I haven’t a clue what kind of geese or ducks these are..but they reside here at Canyon Lake…anybody else got a guess??

The above 2 photos are from our trip in December to the LBJ Ranch, which is just North of Canyon Lake about 45 miles…If you ever get in this area…go tour this place…it is totally free and you can “mosey” all over the ranch in your car…. and ..a tour of the “Texas White House” (LBJ’s office) costs $1.00..yep, one little dollar bill…loved it!!

Oh yes, I also discovered one other “boo boo” in my blogs of late…I kept thinking the temperature on our blog seemed much warmer that it was here…DUH!! We still had Ajo, AZ weather on our blog page…I called on McGuyver again ,to change our weather to where we actually ARE!! Sorry about that, too….

  OK, now for our day..Laundry; which was an adventure as usual.  You would think that with about one half of the dryers NOT working, we could find 3 that did…Well, we found 2…We found the 3rd one wasn’t heating after we tried to fold a load of wet clothes….Just Great…

After laundry, I managed to get dinner started…Crock pot corned beef and cabbage…I love my faithful crock…It makes my life soooo much easier. We took our walk…and that is where I took more photos…Sorry about that, but I will take some tomorrow, I promise.  The weather today is great…warm and sunny. I took my sorry behind outside to soak up some much needed sunshine..I am one of those people who should have a light to sit in front of on cloudy cold days…does the refrigerator light count?? Guess not.

  I got slightly pissy when I discovered my photos are gonners, but I am adjusting to it. The weathe is much better, so it looks like I will join Dennis in front of the campfire tonight…Oh, and by the way, the smoked baby back ribs were award winning!!   By the looks of the “leaving the park” dates on some of the cars and trucks here, this park should clear out a bit by this Sunday…At least it will clear out of spring breakers…and leave mostly quiet, boring, sane old duffers like us..I look forward to being able to sit outside in the sun, without being in danger of taking a soccer ball along side my head. Thanks to all who take the time to follow our attempt at a blog , especially fellow bloggers,The Bayfield Bunch, John and Ellen, Kenny and Angela, Sam and Donna,and Robert and Janice. This IS the greatest life, eh?? More tomorrow…and no more reruns!


  1. I delete all photos from my cameras at the end of every day. I never use the camera cards for storage, Don't know if you do that or not but I have never had a card problem with all the thousands of photos I have taken.

  2. Forgot to add that I never remove the cards from the cameras either. I transfer pics via a USB card. I know some people haul their card out & plug it into the computer. I never figured that was a good idea because of the physical wear & tear on the contact points.