Cave Dwellings: McGuyver Rides Again….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, March 26, 2010

McGuyver Rides Again….

   The troll came out of from under the bridge and actually sat by the fire last night.(That would be me.)


  Ya just gotta love my ensemble.  I really am not angry, I am just cold. I was trying to induce warmth with a little rum in some coke…

  We have been fortunate to be at the West end of Potter’s Creek park, so we get some wonderful su000_0167nsets..  


This first one I took early in the evening while the sun was still pretty high in the sky.  As the sun began to dive, it got more orange..and more orange…I took several different shots..


     000_0174  000_0175 000_0172 



  We had our shrimp and linguini, which was awesome, if I do say so.    Our German neighbors pulled in after being sightseeing all day and immediately got out the wine, food and sat down at the table.  About the time we were hitting the sack, they were just getting cranked up, toasting and singing around the campfire…I soooo wanted to join them, but I thought better of it.  I was enjoying their gayety from under my comforter.

  Morning dawned with absolutely no wind.  Halleluiah!!!I had big plans to wash the truck and camper, so we did our walk a little early.  While we were walking, I heard a BIG plane coming over our head.  We looked up and saw this..

000_0180 000_0179

     It was so cool!!! Dennis said it looked like a B-52.  It went over us once, and when we got back to our loop, it flew over again. I can only imagine seeing a whole group of the flying over your head.

   We got back to the camper , had one more cup of coffee and started in washing things…First of all, washing a black truck in the sunshine is pretty much a lost cause.  I gave it the once over, and it should have had about thrice over, but it will likely rain on us in a couple days and it all will be for naught anyway.  The camper got a once over too.  Trouble was, there was a breeze off the lake, (imagine that), and when I sprayed the hose on to rinse the camper, the spray blew back on the truck…DAMN!   Actually that was only a slight problem compared to what awaited us….000_0184

  We had unplugged the icemaker outside when I washed the camper.  When we plugged it back in, the ground fault interrupter went off and shut everything down in the kitchen area that was not 12 volt.  No matter what Den did, it kept shutting down the electric in the kitchen.    I have learned after 40 years that when Dennis goes into McGuyver mode, to ask only once if he needs help.  If he growls, go to your corner and don’t ask again.  Help only if HE asks for it. 

000_0185 000_0188

…When he gets into the RV’s electrical supply, I just run the other way.  I am afraid of electricity, but I totally trust Dennis.  Rumor has it that he totally rewired his mom and dad’s house when he was 13….myth or fact???  His mom told me , so it must be fact.

  After  taking every outlet in the camper apart, including taking apart the ceiling fan, blades and all, it was still a mystery.  Can McGuyver be stumped?? I wasn’t going there, so I remained in an “on call” mode, and sure enough, I got the call. After about 2 hours of #@&*#@!!, somehow, things began working again.  Either McGuyver magically restored order to the complicated world of RV electricity, or the Good Fairy realized that we were perilously close to killing each other , and saw fit to make it all better.  At any rate, everything was normal again by 5PM…and we both need a loooong Happy Hour.  Maybe we can get in on some joyous singing when the Germans come back.  They headed out again today on a journey to Fredericksburg.

  I am pooped, mentally and physically.  Dennis is exhausted , spiritually and bodily.  At this moment, he is putting things in order outside and we have a huge log in the firepit…and I mean HUGE!!



This thing oughta burn till dawn..Maybe we should just join hands and sing Cumbaya.  OK, shower time…I need to cleanse the tension…Dennis will cleanse his tension after a couple beers…But….life is good in the RV world…Remember, it is just like a home, including all of the pitfalls…and we still love it!!


  1. Don't get in to big of a hurry getting back to the midwest today 56 sunny and windy,rain on the way..

    We can relate to your story.

    Angela goes to her corner and only comes out if I need somthing...right

  2. Nope, not a B-52. Looks more like a WW2 vintage plane. Prop powered, not a jet.