Cave Dwellings

Enid, Missouri

Enid, Missouri

Cave Dwellings

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting old ain’t for sissies!

OK…I KNOW! I have been very bad about blogging lately! It seems like ever since we came back from Florida this April, Dennis and I have been in the revolving door of a medical mystery tour…BOTH of us…I am doing fine after a little tweaking of my Thyroid meds…I do, however , still have 2 kidney stones lurking, and bothering me on occasion!  Dennis had a cyst removed from his eye, and then a colonoscopy (I’m next!), then liver enzymes and a CT of his liver done…and another colonscopy for him in November, just to be on the safe side.. And I, for one, am darned tired of Dennis and I seeing anyone with M.D. after his name!!! I know growing older is better than the alternative, but it can be very scary sometimes…

Since my last blog, we have watched our annual July 4th parade!


Our weather turned VERY hot and humid..Hey!..If I wanted that in the summer, we would have stayed in Ft. Myers!! (still not a bad idea!) We had a couple storms roll through here too…


Sometimes after those storms roll through, it makes for some pretty neat clouds!!

My flowers are not doing as well this year…not sure if it’s the heat, rain, humidity…or my insistence upon pruning my Hydrangea bush..I got one lonely flower this year!


There have been years when this bush was COVERED with flowers!!! Not this year…only one…but DAMN, it’s sure beautiful!

Our grandkids are starting school already…The Wolff Cubs have started already in Zionsville ,IN…


Maddox is in kindergarten this year, and Aiden is in second grade…They ride the school bus together…THAT could get interesting…

The Heiser kids don’t start until August 24th…I took their family out for lunch before school starts..Once that happens, I hardly see them..Taylor is in poms again as a Senior this year, and will try out for any and all theater projects!!. Peyton is a Junior and in Varsity Cross Country and Track…And Campbell is now in 7th grade, and getting involved in theater in middle school


The whole darn family came to lunch..including Taylor’s boyfriend, Joshua…Peyton did a selfie of us all and almost missed Campbell!

So, this is a brief rundown on our July and part of August..I am very sorry about my lack of blogging discipline..This has been a few very scary weeks, medically, but we are finally settling down here…This growing old stuff is beginning to wear on us!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Memories of Hickiwan and Ajo

When I started my blog in 2009, it was with the encouragement of well known blogger, Al Bossence and his wife Kelly. We were interested in taking our Hiker to Arizona and they pointed us in the direction of Hickiwan Trails RV Park, in Why, Arizona..Why? you ask..Yep…Why is a wide spot in the road about 12 miles South of Ajo, Arizona.  We stayed almost 2 months…the longest we have stayed ANYWHERE!! What a gem Ajo area is, so I thought it only fair to share with those who RV…Here are some many photos of our trip.

Wild burrow were roaming the dessert. I heard them at night, but they eluded me during the day…Until ONE day, I spotted them!!


The sunsets are gorgeous..and the town of Ajo is beautiful…




We took walks into the Sonoran desert everyday…I’m not sure how safe it was..or is now..Ignorance is bliss.


There were tons of gems called Rose Chalcedony in the desert..I loaded my pocket so full, my jeans were about to fall off…There was a large presence of Border Patrol in the sky around our RV park…That could have been because there was a Border Patrol Headquarters about 2 miles from us…I LIKED that fact!

Desert Rose Charceldony

Here is that same piece of Rose Chacledony all cleaned up!!



As you can see, there was never any shortage of photos available over those beautiful mountains…


This pathway into the desert was right behind our RV…fabulous!


There was even a Mardis Gras celebration, complete with a one vehicle parade..and lots of fun and food!!


…and yes, that is my McGyver on the right…attempting to play a washboard for the crowd….Such fun times!..We really hated to leave, but we were planning on going to Pancho Villa Days in Columbus, NM on our way back East, so we said our good-byes to our campground hosts and left the last week of February..


Hickiwan Ray, on the right, and his wife ran the RV park with the help of her brother…


On the road East out of the Sonoran Desert …I sure do hope to get back someday!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A too short break from reality..

Last weekend Den and I met some friends at Thomson, IL Army Corp campground on the mighty Mississippi River…We arrived Thursday and spent 4 nights there, attending the Quad City Air Show on Saturday…It only takes us about 2 hours to get to Thomson..They are concrete pads with 50 Amp, nicely separated into 4 different loops and a spot for tents..




Above is our friend’s spot…and on the right, well, the May Flies had a hatching and they were THICK!!! This is called Thomson Causeway and the campground is basically on a peninsula…Here are a few more photos I took..


Left, a big fella with frog legs…on the right..well…I guess it’s the same description…tehee…


This is a very marshy area and they protect the turtles when they lay their eggs…The college kids come in and put a marker and mesh screen over each place the eggs are …to keep someone from walking on the site..and the raccoons from digging the eggs up and eating them…


This “mama” was laying eggs right up the road from us.. The park has “Turtle Crossing” signs everywhere..Yep, they are very protective of their hard shelled friends…

We attended the airshow on Saturday..It was 90 + degrees and no shade to be found anywhere…We sat there from 11AM until 4:30PM in the burning sun..and I am paying for it now…not to mention it was still hard for me to look upward after my neck surgery…




The grand finale was a re-creation of Pearl Harbor called Tora, Tora, Tora…It was amazing..



There is a  nice Ill State Park up the road past Savannah, IL called Pallisades State Park.  We drove through there looking at the sites and happened upon a beautiful overlook of the Mississippi River..


Great river views…The sites are mostly gravel in the campground, but they have a LOT of sites!!

So, that pretty much covers our trip…We had a great time…Oh, and yes, we did hit a couple “joints” in Savannah, IL for adult beverages…


A selfie taken at Iron Horse Social Club..What a neat old back bar in a very historic building …


This place had an inside bar AND an outside venue with a band playing..Now why would anyone sit inside, when you could enjoy the outside??? The name of this place was…are you ready?….Poopy’s..Yep, and I have no idea why, but it is a little gold mine..even with that name…Lots of motorcycles hanging out here..and we “elders” driving a pick up stuck out like a sore thumb…You would think we had the word “SENIORS” stamped on our foreheads…We were pure “Q-Tips”..white hair and white sneakers…

Not being used to jamming so much fun and drink into such a short trip, we were pretty pooped..(did I just really use that word?) when we got home…We arrived home by Noon Monday so we could unload the Hiker and Den could mow the hay grass…Later that afternoon, the heat and humidity began to wane and a great breeze blew from the North…Not THAT  great , as it turned out…I watched as our patio umbrella began to “lift off” from our glass table and ran out on our deck just in time to see it completely take flight and come down ….direct hit on the glass table…



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