Cave Dwellings

Highland's Hammock State Park, Sebring FL

Highland's Hammock State Park, Sebring FL

Cave Dwellings

Monday, November 23, 2015

Did a little “ditch diving” this weekend..very scary.

This last weekend we had a  mini Cave-A-Palooza at our house. The Wolffs came in from Zionsville. We had planned to drive to Kaneland High School to see our granddaughter, Taylor, perform in Romeo and Juliet..Well…it started sleeting and then snowing early Saturday morning and by noon, the wind had picked up and it was snowing sideways…We left our house at 1PM to be at the school by two. Normally this takes 1/2 hour , but the weather was bad. Ter drove their Ford Expedition with her boys, Peyton and Campbell, plus Den and I. Chris, John and their boys followed us in their car..

Should have taken it as a sign when Ter turned the corner to head out of town and she slid around. that scared  her, so she asked Den to drive. Long story short, white out conditions, blowing and drifting snow..AND a Com Ed trucks on other side of road, where someone had snapped off a pole earlier.. Due to that, Den tried to hug the right edge as best he could… You couldn’t even see the edge of the road, or the culvert that happened to be there..The next thing we knew, Dennis said “Hang on!”…and we ended up in the ditch. We took quite a ride..Luckily, John and Chris were behind us ( and watched us ride the snow bank, which scared the to death).  All of us piled into their car (9 of us all total), and went back very gingerly to our house. Den called a tow truck from Sandwich and he and John rode back out by Ter’s care to wait for the tow..Den said the tow driver had a time pulling it out of the ditch, the roads were like glass by then…Sad to miss Tay's performance, Tim got someone to get them a video..Another gut check for us all. And the roads were so bad, Tim couldn’t come here to get Ter and the boys, so everyone crashed  (did I just type that ?) here..

Other than that (YIKES!) nothing much happening. Here are some photos from our family get together…


There is a story about this photo of Peyton. When we arrived back here, after our ditch dive, Peyton announced he had spilled an entire can of  Coke all over the back of the car…and all over his pants..We threw the pants into my washer…and I gave Pey my Tweetie Bird pajama pants to put on…Hey, I don’t loan our my a piece of my  “ensemble” to just anyone!! And…not many 15 year old boys would allow their lunatic granny to post his photo…but he didn’t care..I LOVE this kid!..While I am bragging about him, he got an award at the cross country awards night…


Peyton was awarded the Golden Knight Medal for the Sophomore Group (voted on by his cross country peers). To quote his mom, Terrie Cave Heiser, "Peyton has come so far, and has worked so hard to improve himself in every way ,improving both his physical strengths and (most importantly to us) his strength in his character! Your hard work paid off, buddy! We Love you so much!!!"...I couldn't agree more!!! Great job Peyton!!!!

20151120_205230 20151121_071046 


The Cave grandsons…Peyton, 15..Aiden, 7…Campbell, 11…and Maddox, 4.

20151121_184914 20151121_184933

Left…our daughters, Christie and Terrie…Photo on right..John Wolff, our son Kelly, Jeremy Eisenberg (our great nephew) and Tommy Bernhardt, Leanne’s hubby.

20151121_203550 Our son, Kelly, modeling his rabbit hat..There may have been an adult beverage or two involved here…tehee.

We had a great time, even though the weather ruined our chance to see Taylor in her sword fighting role of Benvolio. I am working on getting a short video if I can…The weekend before, we attended Campbell Heiser’s first middle school play. It was called” The Yearbook”, and he had a small role of a student..This is really a huge step for him. Campbell has some sensory disorders and some things bother him more than most kids…apparently NOT getting up in front of an audience…WHO KNEW??

20151113_200308_2 20151113_200334

Campbell is in the red Aero shirt..He did very well and, much to everyone’s surprise, is planning to try out for the Spring Musical!

20151113_200515 20151113_200756

One of his sister’s (Taylor) theater girlfriends brought him flowers after his performance.


Left to right, Sabrina Massa (who brought him the flowers), Taylor, Terrie, Peyton, Tim …and the star down front. WOOT!WOOT! CAMPBELL!!!

Well, that’s just about as much excitement as I can handle…Our lift off date for our Winter trip is now Wednesday morning…FINALLY!! I spent most of the day getting ice and snow from the driveway under the tongue of the camper so our GMC can easily hook on. At least we are pointed in the right direction..OUT of the driveway…I will keep you posted of our trip…Look out , Florida, HERE COME THE CAVE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A bit of a gut check…and …on countdown mode.

  As of today, MacGyver and I are on a mission to get this rig rolling early next week. Because they were predicting 3-5 inches of rain, and because we have to pull through a patch of lawn when we pull the Hiker out, we decided to “get ‘er done” before we needed an ark..


Good thing we did…We got almost 4” of rain. Our GMC is a tough truck, but ya gotta remember, she’s 12 years old …Asking her to haul this thing through the mud??? not happening.

This also makes it easier to load it up…and we have been working on that. Our tentative “lift off” date is Tuesday, Nov. 24th…However..we are expecting 5-8” of snow Saturday and temps in the teens..Crap!..We stayed this long because our granddaughter is in the Kaneland High School Play, Romeo and Juliet…She plays a guy. (Remember, there were not a lot of female roles in Shakespeare’s plays..) We are going see the “understudy performance” on Saturday afternoon, where she has the understudy role of Benvolio, friend of Romeo…


As you can see, she is not psyched about this part at all!!!!!

A short blurb about my debacle parathyroid issues..I truly thought I had the answers, going to Northwestern University Hospital…I sent all my records they requested and also my scans and images..I was disappointed in not hearing back from my doc, so I checked to make sure they got all my info…That was 10/31..On Nov. 2 I got this reply from the doc…

Holding the CD's now, trying to upload and review images
Sorry for delay but will get back to you once I am able to load everything
Thanks for following up!

…and haven’t heard one word since. Of course now it is too late to do anything before we go South, so I gave up. I have been feeling crabby and sorry for myself, and in between that, I managed to get my yearly mammogram…Shock of shocks, I was called back for another one…something suspicious was seen . All of a sudden my stupid crabby self snapped right back into a panicky, scared girl…Long story short, I went back for another “squish”, and nothing was found…To say I was overjoyed is putting it mildly. I truly believe sometimes we all need a “gut check” to remind us what is important and realize just how lucky we are…and I am one happy and lucky lady..and my “girls” are both normal and fine.Whew!

Allow me one more bragadosio..Our grandson, Peyton, is on the Kaneland High School Cross Country track team..There was an awards night and .At awards night, he was awarded the Golden Knight Medal for the Sophomore Group (voted on by his cross country peers). To quote his mom, Terrie Cave Heiser, "Peyton has come so far, and has worked so hard to improve himself in every way ,improving both his physical strengths and (most importantly to us) his strength in his character! Your hard work paid off, buddy! We Love you so much!!!"...I couldn't agree more!!! Great job Peyton!!!!


Very proud of our grandson, Peyton Heiser!!

OK, so we are hoping to leave here next week. This weekend Chris and John will be here with the Wolff Cubs to attend Taylor’s play with us…Our weather here has been windy, windy and more windy!! ..and now it will be snowy and windy!!! Sure hoping for a little sunshine and NO WIND next week for a smooth runway and nice lift off!!

12239695_1208081899208823_6015099794524714993_n Windy again…sheesh!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


After many attempts to figure out how to publish my blog from our son-in-law's laptop..and load the photos so I can grab them from everyone's Facebook page, I am able to attempt to publish my blog from Zionsville .
This is another one of my family blogs..but we have every right to brag. All three kids and 2 spouses ran in the Monumental Marathon, Indianapolis on Saturday...Here are some  photos..
Kelly and Cindy, before the race. They were running the Half Marathon, 13.1 miles. They have only begun running last Spring, training for this moment
Terrie and Tim, before the race. They were running the Marathon, 26.2 miles..This is Tim's 4th marathon and Terrie's first, training in between kidney stones!
 Cave sisters running the marathon..Double Threat! This is Chris's 3rd marathon. Her hubby, John, is and Iron Man, Triathlon...He sat this one out so Chris could train.
Cindy, in the yellow shirt, mile 5 of 13.1..GO CIN!!
Ter and Tim, mile 3 of 26.2.  LOOKIN' GOOD! The back of their shirts said "Heiz" and "Mrs. Heiz".
Mr. and Mrs. Heiz..coming to the finish line! 26.2 miles in 5 hrs, 25 minutes.LOOKIN' STRONG!!.That is a long time to run!
 This is Kelly and Cindy just after they finished the 13.1 mile Half Marathon...We missed seeing them cross the finish. He finished it in 2 hrs, 32 min., she came in a few minutes later 2hrs 51 minutes..Poor John Wolff was driving Den, me, Campbell Heiser and the 2 Wolff cubs all over trying to catch 5 different runners who ran at 5 different paces..We caught whoever we could whenever we could...

 Christie finished the 26.2 mile marathon in 3hrs, 52 minutes...Below is a photo of her coming across the finish line..

Taken after everyone had finished the race....I was a wet mess!

John and Christie Wolff.
After race celebration....SOOOOO PROUD OF THIS GROUP!!

Den  and Cin...note she has her slippers on..sore feet!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Going to the Monumental Marathon in Indy..then babysitting the Wolff Cubs.

I am very excited because tomorrow Den and I are going to Indy to watch the Monumental Marathon..26.6 miles..There is also a Monumental Half Marathon, 13.3 miles. This takes place Saturday, Nov. 7th.  Our youngest daughter, Christie Wolff, and our oldest daughter, Terrie Heiser and husband Tim are running the full Marathon. Our son, Kelly and his wife, Cindy are running their first half marathon. Soooo, we have 5 runners from the Cave family running Saturday! Chris’s hubby, John, has run 4 (or more) marathons, including the fated Boston Marathon of 2013. Terrie and Tim’s youngest son, Campbell, is going too so John Wolff will be driving us 3 spectators,( along with his 2 boys), around Indy following our family runners.

Wolffrun .before race

Left, is John Wolff, our son-in-law, Boston Marathon 2013….Right is Tim, Terrie, Chris and John…before a half marathon…

kelcinrun Terandchrisminifun

Left, Kelly and Cindy at O’Hare for a run on the new to open runway this Fall…Right…well, what can I say about those “Cave sisters”???

Terrie and Tim’s other 2 kiddos couldn’t make this trip to watch Mom and Dad…Taylor is now in Madrigals and she has Madrigal Camp all weekend..and Peyton is part of the Kaneland High School Cross Country Track Team..Turns out they are going down state to compete for the championship this weekend..That’s what happens when your kids get older and more active in extra curricular activities.

After this weekend, Ter, Tim and Campbell head back home, and the Caves and Wolffs get on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale, heading for 3 nights at Key West. MacGyver and “moi” will be on duty with Aiden and Maddox Wolff until Thursday. We will come back home Friday, the 13th…YIKES!! of all the days!…Friday night, we are going to the Harter Middle School play, where our youngest Heiser, Campbell, has a role. As you can see, it’s a busy time for us. We are hoping for “lift off” for the Hiker to be about the 23rd or 24th of November..That is if “God willing and the creek don’t rise”..Speaking of that, I heard from full time friends of ours in Texas that Canyon Lake, Potter’s Creek and Crane’s Mill campgrounds are closed due to the heavy flooding..I guess I am glad we decided to go back to Florida again this year.

101_0972 101_1048

Potter’s Creek was our “go to “ place North of San Antonio to spend Christmas…I hate that it is closed..The Texans celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with lots of beautiful fireworks..We always had a great view over Canyon Lake..Another campground, across the lake , Crane’s Mill, is also a nice spot. We stayed there only once, as they just put electric in it.

101_5381 2014-02-21 12.20.06

Both above photos were taken at Crane’s Mill campground on Canyon Lake, late February, 2014…We were right on the lake…looks like Den planned a campfire too!

So, as for the saga of my parathyroid issues, I haven’t heard one word from my doc at Northwestern Hospital about what is planned. It really doesn’t matter anyway, there is no time left to have a surgery and follow up before we head South…and my priorities right now are to “ make like a baby and head out”…Unfortunately, my mood swings continue, so I may have to reign in my emotional roller coaster for the next 4 months..Hey..I did it last year, I can do it again this year, right?

Stay tuned next weekend..I shall have many photos of our amazing family…


Monday, October 26, 2015

Lots going on in the next few weeks!!!

Today being the 25th of October, MacGyver and I are hoping to be on the road one month from today.  We have a busy few weeks coming up before that. Of course, next week is Halloween and I need to get my broom tuned up and ready to ride…Yep, that’s me on the left..

scrapbook57 witch-broomstick

I have my fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed that Dennis will be OUT of the corn and beans after today. The weather had been prime for harvesting, with mostly sunny and cool days this Fall. On November 6th, we will be heading to Zionsville, IN to watch Terrie, Tim and Chris run the Monumental Marathon, and Kelly and Cindy run the Mini Monumental Marathon (John Wolff isn’t running this one, he is contemplating another Iron Man Triathlon.) This is Terrie’s first marathon and Kelly and Cindy’s first mini..Kudos to those kids..not sure where the running “gene” came from..not ME!!

John’s last Triathlon was in Louisville, KY, last August, and we went to watch…He did awesome!


image1-e1409013793267 johnbike johnfinish

20140824_155451 20140822_200847

I consider it a great time if our family can come together and no one gets arrested..

This year at the Indianapolis marathon, John will be our driver, driving Den and I, plus his 2 boys and possibly the Heiser boys around to checkpoints.  We want to cheer our family on! The race is on November 7th and Den and I are staying over the following week to watch the Wolff Cubs while Chris , John, Kelly and Cindy travel for to Key West for the Wolff’s Anniversary. I will definitely have much to blog about when we come back home on Friday, November 13th.  The Wolff Cubs, Aiden and Maddox, are VERY athletic too. Aiden, age 7, is in tag football and made 2 touchdowns in his last game…Maddox, age 4, is in soccer and scores well.


THEN, when we get back home, our youngest Heiser grandson, Campbell, has a part in the Harter Middle School Fall play. Campbell is a 6th grader this year. He seems to be following in his thespian sister’s footsteps.  We will be going to that on Saturday, Nov. 14th.

campbell Yes, I agree…You could fall into those big dimples.  And he was blessed with 4 names, all family names. .Love you, Campbell (Den’s Dad),William(His Grampa Heiser), Ross(my maiden name) ,Heiser!

AND… the following weekend, our only granddaughter, Taylor Heiser, will be in the Kaneland High School performance of Romeo and Juliet.  The Wolff clan is coming up that weekend to see the play and we will have our early Thanksgiving here Saturday evening after the play…Taylor has the male role Sampson, and also is the understudy of Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin. “Benvolio, whose name literally means "good will," is a classic nice guy: stuck playing the straight man to Mercutio and the non-romantic-idiot to Romeo, constantly telling everyone else to chill and stop fighting and "keep the peace”.  Her understudy role as a lot of lines, and we are going to see the special performance by the “understudies” on Saturday.


The character, Benvolio, is the one on the right..This is the role Taylor has..

This was taken from the movie, Romeo and Juliet (1968) Directed by Franco Zeffirelli from the play by William Shakespeare. Michael York as Tybalt and Bruce Robinson as Benvolio

Tybalt: What? Art thou drawn among these heartless hinds? (Draws sword) Turn thee, Benvolio. Look upon thy death.
Benvolio: I do but keep the peace. Now, put away your sword or manage it to part these men with me.
Tybalt: What, drawn and you talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward!

I cannot fathom memorizing all the lines she has, let alone in the Shakespearian tongue…YOWZA!

I do believe this post is turning into a “Grama’a Brag Book”..right? At any rate, I have to give kudos to Peyton Heiser, our middle Heiser grandchild and Campbell’s big brother. Peyton is a Sophomore at Kaneland High School and is part of the Kaneland Knights Cross Country track team. This last weekend they ran in the regionals and came in second place. This means that they move on to sectionals next weekend and if they get in the upper 6, they go to the State finals…Peyton was chosen as one of the alternates for the team..We are sooo very proud of him. He is only a Sophomore, and will advance to varsity next year..He has just started to grow taller…and his legs are getting so long!

101_7503 101_7506


In between all this action, we are attempting to get our Hiker ready for travel…Whew!…Our leaves down here are turning and the air is so crisp and wonderful..I usually clean my 2 crystal chandeliers in the Fall before we leave for the Winter…Now THAT is a job all in itself.  I take each group of crystals off one by one and wash them and rinse them by hand. This small chandelier has 398 crystals on it…

20151017_132430 20151017_134238

20151017_143225 20151017_143245

But the difference after it is clean is evident in the colors of the prisms shining through…My bigger one is less crystals, only 252…

20151017_153045 20151017_153113

Now that’s a good job DONE!!!

OK, you can wipe the druel off you chin and wake up now..I am done blogging as a braggadocio grandmother…Here are a few photos of our Fall colors, taken on my morning walk through our fairgrounds just down the street from our house…

20151022_075137  20151022_075336

20151022_075654 20151022_075001 20151022_075507


20151022_080026 20151022_075914

20151022_081951 20151022_082339

The last photo is of our house..Note my blue ribbon to support our local police on the tree closest to our house…Ya gotta love Fall!!!