Cave Dwellings: Gone With The Wind…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gone With The Wind…

  Did I say I hate the wind?  Let me correct that..I LOATH THE WIND!! There, that ought to ruffle the Wind God’s feathers. Geez, is it just me, or are we having “global wind-ing”? Seems like no matter where we go, Mr. Huff and Puff follows. Last night it blew all night, and the thunderstorms came in with a vengeance about 6:30AM.  My first thought was of those poor kids outside in their tents..It was pouring, lightening, thundering…all accompanied by Cat. 1 winds…I realized how fortunate we were to be in a warm RV.  The “warm” part was soon going to change.  We turned on the TV, which  so far hadn’t succumbed to the winds, and watched our outdoor temperature fall from 60 degrees down to 46 degrees in about 45 minutes…Time to turn on the fireplace…and turn it up to high.

   We got up and made some coffee..No sense in being horizontal any longer. When  I stepped into our living area I saw that only 2 of the blue lights were lighting up on our Hughesnet modem..not good.…poor McGuyver..This means a trip outside in the weather to level it up.  He decided to wait until the rain stopped.  Meanwhile, I tried to get a picture of the tent dwellers through my foggy, rained on windows. Actually, I think they were in their car..good move.000_0054

  We switche  on the weather channel to find that the town of Medina, near San Antonio…(and us)…had experienced hail, and a couple of homes lost their roofs in the storms..I HATE it when we are in our mobile home on wheels and I hear that…Makes one take pause and keep our fingers crossed.  About 8AM, Dennis ,(A.K.A. McGuyver), stepped out into the wind and rain to level up our computer dish.

000_0053 000_0056

…Not the greatest photos, I know…Not the best of conditions for poor Den.

Den is a glutton for punishment..He hasn’t had enough of the hurricane force winds, oh no…Now he needs to get out the “honey wagon” and dump our tanks.  This requires about 5 trips back and forth to the dump station up the hill..what fun. I stayed inside and boiled some eggs for egg salad sandwiches for lunch, with some nice hot soup…By the time Den is finished “dumping”, he will be in need of a warm up.  While he was outside, our internet dish went out yet again.  I hated to give Dennis the bad news, but figured he would rather level it up again while he was already out there…and he did.

   For obvious reasons, we didn’t walk this morning.  It was virtually impossible to stay upright for very long.  We had our soup and sandwich lunch and watched some TV, trying to jig and jag in time with the back end of our 5th wheel.  About 3PM, we got into the truck (were blown into it), and headed into Sattler to find a beer and a pizza. The VFW was the obvious (and only) choice. On the way we pass the Canyon Lake Damn Dam..It is pretty huge. 

000_0057 000_0059 000_0060 

Note the limestone cliffs..that is very prevalent down in this area…

We had our wine and beer…$1.75 for wine, $1.00 for draft beer in a frosty mug…I love this place..We each had 2 and then blew over to the S & S Grocery to get a Freschetta frozen pizza for our dinner…(I had a coupon for $1.00 off …and they give you double coupons!) The road we take to Sattler jumps off of  Rt 306 and takes you up and down a winding road and into   Sattler the back way..a really neat drive…

000_0058 000_0061

… the picture on the right is a typical Texas home…fence and all,.. y’all.

We got back to our camper about 5PM..and it was Donna’s shower time.  As usual, the water decided to crap out just as I was rinsing my more than ample head of hair…I guess I need the challenge occasionally.  I am now at the computer trying to make sense of this interesting day in the hill country.  The people behind us in the tent left a HUGE piece of wood…like a piece of tree trunk…and Dennis has decided to go outside and roll it over to our campsite…He is totally a typical Caveman…a hunter and gatherer…and I am a typical non- Cavewoman…I am a sitter and a watcher….

000_0063 000_0064 000_0065

To our kids…don’t you just know he was gonna do this???



OK, and now, with Rum and Diet Coke in hand , I bid you a good evening…See you tomorrow..and FYI…more wind is in store!!


  1. Sound's like you may have left Hickiwan too soon :)...? Now if you were a windsurfer or kite flyer you'd be in heaven... Looked like an all night log Dennis draged home. Do you have a fireplace in that 5th wheel or did you have to set outside to watch it burn? Better weather's coming...everywhere...odds have it.

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  3. That wind last night had us out of our beds as well & scrambling to get the slides in. Bad, bad, winter down here for wind this year!!!!