Cave Dwellings: As Bob Seger said,”Against The Wind”…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, March 21, 2010

As Bob Seger said,”Against The Wind”…

      I am becoming a crazed, bored, anti-wind maniac.  This is how I looked after stepping outside to save one of my glass candle holders…


…Very frightening isn’t it?? My hair is not normally like one of the Beatles…I felt like I had been jumped by the Wind Gods and wrestled to the ground.  Den thought it was funny, but I am swiftly losing my normal sense of humor…I am railing “against the wind”..and I look like an escapee from a mental   institution.


It wasn’t this windy when we woke up this morning.  It WAS, however, only 33 degrees outside. No wonder I had a bad dream last night. I dreamed that we were still in Illinois!! I jumped out of bed at 6:15AM, turned on the heater in our bedroom, and hit the sack again, with the down comforter up to my nose.  We turned on our TV, (still working, by the way), and turned on the weather channel.  Did I hear that right?? Snow in Dallas?? Are you kidding me?? Dennis, can I stay here in bed all day?? I peeked out my East window and saw the sun coming up.  Against my better judgment, I ran out to the big window and got a picture of the sunrise…from the inside.



I also got a shot of our cozy electric fireplace..It sure looked good when I stumbled through our living room this morning!!

Hmmmmm…it looks nice out..but looks are deceiving.  Watching TV in the horizontal was not working for me, so we started the coffee and wandered into the living area…DAMN, it’s cold out here. Den turned on the propane heater for a couple minutes to placate me..that and a cup of java and I felt much better.

  I made us bacon,eggs, potatoes and toast…and I was trying to ignore the small beginnings of a tailwind that were swaying the camper.  By 9:30 there was NO ignoring we go again!! I took the pictures of the white caps from the warmth of our camper window…

000_0093 000_0094


Dennis was working diligently on the computer when we lost our Hughesnet yet again…He keeps leveling it up to regain the signal again.

000_0079 000_0087

  I have mentioned my crystal prisms on our blog before..One good thing about today…(and I had trouble coming up with one) the rainbows on our cabinets from the sun shining through them in our back window..


I had decided on turkey thighs for dinner…grilled….we shall see about that.  But, I can bake them inside if the wind decides it for me.  I am getting tired of doing crossword puzzles inside..I WANT MY SUN TIME!!! There, I feel much better.

  The campground has cleared out , as we knew it would..bunch of wimps….Not really..There is no way we would be out there in this wind, tent camping.   The sun is lovely, so I am now anticipating tomorrow being much nicer..I hope to be in my chair, with coffee, tomorrow morning for a relaxing little time outside.  I must pray to the “Calm Wind “ God to bestow upon us some nice quiet sun time tomorrow. 

  Well, it is time to get my stove top stuffing, potatoes and gravy pre-prepared.  As to the grilling part, that won’t happen unless things change drastically by 7PM..Happy Hour could come early tonight…I have to put my drinks in a big glass to keep them from sloshing over the top when the camper blows..Let’s keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow..Heck I’m gonna cross fingers, legs, toes, eyes…anything I can….See you kids tomorrow…

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  1. It's windy here in the Walmart parking lot at Bonham, Texas. Wind chill is 35 F ! We're hoping Arkansas will be warmer tomorrow.
    So much for my capris, sandals and tank tops. Have my Uggs and warm sweats on now .

    Have fun .... Kelly