Cave Dwellings: White caps, Shmite caps, I want NO caps!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White caps, Shmite caps, I want NO caps!

   Last night seemed promised a pretty nice sunset due to some high clouds.  I have trouble gauging what time the sun will actually set..I am still dizzy from the time change. We sat by the campfire and I waited and watched with camera and wine in hand, until finally I pulled the trigger…

000_0122 000_0120

  This morning when I woke up, I peeked out my window and noticed the same promising low clouds shrouding the sunrise..I waited again until I figured it was ready, and dashed into the living area, raised the shade a slight bit, and BINGO!

000_0127   000_0128

  Every sunrise is different from the previous is every individual sunset….I think the reason we don’t notice them so much at home is, #1…I don’t sleep with the camera close by in the AM…and #2…We have too many houses, trees and wires in the way of the horizon…I will miss these great views..

We walked this morning and noticed a few more ”tenters” camped over by the big shelter.  The high clouds were covering the sun and it was still pretty chilly, so I layered myself like Nanook of the North. You might know the sun decided to hit it full throttle.  By the second mile, I was shedding my outer jacket, tying it around my waste and unbuttoning my inner jacket…This sunshine is warm…however…the breeze is trying it’s best to become wind…and gusty wind , at that. There was a young man coming up from the lake carrying a bow and arrow with a fish line attached..Is he catching flying fish??? Dennis fails to see my humor, and takes extreme patience explaining to me that you can shoot fish in the water with a bow and arrow…I never knew..I AM a cloistered outdoors woman. Here he is…

000_0130(Clik any pic to make bigger…)

  We got back from our walk/fishing lesson, and I really wanted to sit in the sun with coffee.  But, again, it was not to be. I don’t like to do a whole lot of physical labor…(we are suppose to be relaxing here), but I knew the truck interior needed attention. It hadn’t been cleaned out since we left here Dec. 26th, and I was tired of sitting on cracker and cookie crumbs, peanuts and spilled creamer.  It also needs an outside bath, but that isn’t happening today. Hey, we are on VACATION!

  The sun got warmer, or else I got desperate. After lunch I took my place in the hazy, windy sunshine.  Dennis had gone online and found there were some geocaching spots here in the park, so he took his little GPS and headed out on a mission….(The little GPS is hand carried and doesnt’ talk, unlike the offensively manic voiced Tom Tom who sits in our front window of the truck..shouting out orders like Hitler.)

000_0131 000_0132

..there he goes……                          …and here he comes back…..

Den was gone about 45 minutes, and he did find the cache …in some heavy timber waaay past the parking lot. The Boy Scouts had put it there, probably with the intention of making some “old codger” crawl through trees, over logs and through brush to find it….I’ll bet they laughed as they placed it. Never the less, McGuyver found it, and he left our business card  “Cave Dwellers” for them to find.  They’ll probably think they had a visit from some prehistoric Cro-Magnons.

  Here are a few more little hints of Spring in the meadow just beyond us…

000_0129 000_0136

I maintained my post until the wind blew my drink ice water over and that P’d me off.  The white caps were becoming more frequent on the lake..

  Time to go inside and hang out…A girl can only take so much…000_0134 

We have been coming here for 7 years now…and usually we stay up in the trees when we come in December…It is easier to get a spot at that time of  year. I have to put this picture on this blog. We took it in December of 2007 while we were sitting out by the campfire..amazing to watch…You could hear their antlers click and lock..


..These two young Bucks were having a little confrontation for the admiration of a young Doe….and the beat goes on.

  Well, it is 3:30PM , and the wind is now whistling through the back window.  I am officially tired of seeing white caps.  Tomorrow is suppose to be rainy, breezy and cloudy…three of my least favorite weather words.  We are going to do a double duty day…laundry and groceries all wrapped up into one big fun day…yea, right.  Y’all can wait in the truck tomorrow at the laundry, and if you’re good in Wally Mart I will make some great turkey burger patty melts for dinner!! OK?? See ya tomorrow!

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