Cave Dwellings: Slow, rainy day…I need a good laugh!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slow, rainy day…I need a good laugh!

  We actually did end up with a campfire last night.  The winds lessened just enough for me to attend the event in my uniform, if only for a little while. (meaning I was only at the campfire for a little while, I was in my uniform all evening).

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Here is my empty chair…I jumped back into it after the photo shoot,and the fire felt really good tonight.  We were paying close attention to our neighbors, who were getting all set up for a little dinner party.  They set up a table right outside their camper door, got out the fancy wine glasses and had about 6 people there by the time the cork was popped..My kind of people…Den wouldn’t let me join them..He told me I had my own wine right here…party pooper.

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I had been keeping a close watch on the clouds just above the slowly setting sun and it was another great sunset over Canyon Lake.



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   This morning we woke up to a misty rain.  I really wanted to stay in bed, but my laundry was calling my name, so we reluctantly got up.  With 2 coffees to go, a truck full of dirty laundry and armed with my grocery list and coupons, we headed down Rt. 306 into Sattler…First stop , the River Road Laundromat.  Honest to God, almost one half of the dryers do not work.  We found that out last week when we tried to fold damp clothes.  I really lose my temper with appliances that won’t work …That particular pet peeve of mine is one of the pitfalls of living with McGuyver…He keeps everything in our house in working order.

  After the last sock was paired off, we headed further down the road to New Braunfels to the WalMart.  Now it was just a nasty, yukky rain.  One of the downsides of staying at Potter’s Creek, Canyon Lake, is that you have to go about 35 miles to the WalMart.  There IS a grocery store in the town where we do our laundry, but is isn’t very big and some of the prices are a little high. We also like to visit the H.E.B. store for our meat.  As we came out of the H.E.B., the sky looked a little ominous to the North.        

000_0153 000_0154

  The flowers are starting to blossom here now.  I think these are azaleas, but I could be wrong (imagine that). On our way back to our camper we noticed lots of Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower, alongside the roadway.  I will try to find some Bluebonnets to take a photo, but that will possibly be tomorrow..It is now raining pretty good here..Our view out the window of the camper, looking toward the lake…


  I unpacked my groceries, and repackaged stuff to fit into our freezer.  Tonight I am the Chef extraordinaire, making ground turkey melts with a  fried red onion/balsamic vinegar sauce and swiss cheese, served on grilled rye bread…sounded like a winner to me, but we shall see.

  I hope tomorrow is at least sunny.  We missed our walk again today and I hate it when that happens.  I feel that if we walk our 2 miles each day, we can eat a little more…right?? Oh, really?  Well, that’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it!  Tonight is shower night, which means I get to argue with the water pressure and fluctuating hot and cold.  Dennis has no problems with the water in the shower….just me, of course. 

  OK, so this has been a pretty boring day…We got lots done, but nothing that made me giggle, or even laugh…and I need some of that every day.  I really like it when I laugh so hard I snort, and tears come to my eyes.  Did you ever do that? ..or is it just me?? Now that means you’re hysterical!!! I love that feeling!  So, until tomorrow, make sure you laugh till you cry on a regular basis..truly…very cleansing. Hasta Manana..

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  1. We feel your pain on the weather.

    It has been dark and wet all day here.

    Kenny is getting a head cold and feels like a truck hit him.

    Spring has to be coming SOON!!!!!