Cave Dwellings: March Madness…Texas Style…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness…Texas Style…

     Ah, yes…how fast we forget….The month of March is the outdoor party season for youth..I know absolutely that Dennis and I are the “elders” of this loop in the park.  You can tell immediately when you drive through..Our campsite would be the only one with some semblance of order.  Not that I am a neatnik..Let’s put it this way..For those of you who have lived through teenage/early 20’s children, do you remember their rooms??  Now just superimpose that vision over a campsite and you understand what I mean. Sweet bird of youth sometimes can act like a “dirty” birdie…But, man, do these kids have energy!! Den and I are horizontal by 9PM, and our neighbors are just starting up a game of “washers”. (To all of you “Yankees”, the game of washers is like “baggo”, except you use large washers…NO, NO, NOT front loaders!!….The kind you use under a bolt or screw!)

This morning is cloudy and misty, but last night was yet one more great sunset to add to my collection…

 100_6276 100_6264

The lake was calm, and for a brief moment…so were the kids here.

This park is pretty big..There are 5 loops.  The first loop is only “first come, first serve”..Another of the loops they allow you to stay up to 3 months…at least they did last December.  The other loops are reservation only. When we made our reservation in February, this spot was the LAST one available for our dates…  You really have to be on your toes when RV’ing through Texas in March.

Today is a little more cloudy and not as warm as yesterday, but this doesn’t stop the kids from getting in the lake..

100_6279 100_6277




    It is suppose to rain tonight, but I hope it doesn’t start until Den cooks our chicken wings..We do have a covered picnic table, though, so if he can get there by running in between the raindrops, he can cook on our little grill.   This morning Dennis ran into the little, and I DO mean little, town of Fischer,which is about 5 miles from here.  We have our mail sent to Fischer when we stay here and he went to pick it up.   When he came back, he had some large sized Cedar logs in the back of our truck.  There is a story here…..Last spring when we stayed here on our way home, he walked into the woods and hauled some Cedar logs up the hill, just off the side of the road, so he could go and get them with our truck.   (This park allows gathering of firewood, and the Cedar smells heavenly when burning.)   He never got around to picking it up though.  Today, he rode up to the road to see if ,perhaps, the wood  might still be there…..and it WAS!!  He gobbled it up and now he needs to play with his electric chain saw and cut it into burnable size. FYI…..If you like campfires and gather your own wood, a little electric chain saw it a MUST!!!

100_6282 100_6283

100_6285 100_6286

I told you earlier that we have all of our “stuff” hung up…I even have ground lighting, which I haven’t used since we were here in December..This pretty little copper spinner is one of my “Cave fave’s”..I love to watch it spin with the crystal in the center.




I hung it out at Pancho Villa State Park where the Wind Gods totally rule, and it was my only “fun thing” to admire.  The relentless winds across the desert were blowing the rest of our decorations clear into Mexico!!




If the rain holds off, perhaps Den can get another well deserved campfire..Last night we sat outside until sunset and had our cocktail hour, enjoying the great fragrance of the burning Cedar…and someone’s radio playing some good country music.




Usually when we are here there are tons of deer, begging for corn all over the park.  So far, we haven’t seen hide, hair, nor hoof of Bambi.  Dennis thinks they are all hiding in the woods till the “rugrats” leave and go back to school.  I do miss them (the deer)….I have a couple pics from last December when we were here . You can see how tame they were


  We took a bike ride around this loop and the neighboring loop a little while ago.  I forgot what a big hill there is to ride up just to get OUT of this loop and INTO the next.  Not only that , but I forgot about the big hill there is to ride OUT of the other loop.  Dennis zips around on his little mountain bike while I pedal the Hell out of my old lady bike…I have to say, I had to walk my bike up the hill to get out of the other loop…I fought the hill and the hill won!

  OK, it is cloudy and pretty warm outside…lots warmer just after a bike ride.  I have a big glass of ice water and I’m in my “uniform”, a seat in my recliner is beckoning me, and the promise of another campfire is trying to become a reality… Life is good in the Texas Hill Country! Thanks to all of you for reading…I love blogging. The fact that people actually take the time to read my personal bouts of insanity remains a total mystery to me.

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  1. We love your insanity it keeps the rest of sane...

    Two answer your question on our time line looks like three years..

    Unless we hit the lottery or Kenny tells them to take this job and shove it...

    The sun just came out in KC going outside and lay in the street..
    Its been 6 months since we have seen it.