Cave Dwellings: Gorgeous Day in the Hill Country…our last..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gorgeous Day in the Hill Country…our last..

   First of all, I must plead guilty at misquoting Dennis about the type of military airplane that flew over us yesterday on our walk.  He caught my  boo boo when he read my blog this morning. I should have him do the proofreading of all my blogs before I publish them.  Shout out to Al from THE BAYFIELD BUNCH ..he had my back, also.  That plane we saw on our walk was a B-29, and that’s what Dennis told me..I just had a brain block when I was blogging and misquoted him.  I tend to get my “B’s” mixed up when it comes to airplanes.  In my meager defense, I have to say that an actual B-52 DID fly over us last night at the campfire…I am only a rank amateur in the vintage airplane identification, and will remember to consult my professional, Dennis, next time.

This campground has gotten just as busy as when we got here two weekends ago.  It looks like a tent city again.  We sat outside last night by our “yule log”..It received several comments from passers by ( and EVERYONE has to pass our campfire on the way to the bathrooms!)


  If you remember, I mentioned a kite that some poor kid lost in tall tree here in the wind..Well, last night one of our German neighbors decided he would climb the tree and get the kite for his son.  He armed himself with a loooooong tree limb he found and up he went.

000_0191 000_0195

…I asked one of his friends if they had 911 on speed dial…but…by golly, he managed to snag hold of it, and sure enough, it came tumbling down.


…The whole campground was watching as this unfolded, and he got a standing ovation from us..His German friends were hollering what sounded like “HOYE HOYE HOYE!!”…I have no idea if this is the correct word, but it sounded like this.  I was bold enough to ask if I could take a picture of the Kite rescuer and his very proud son.

000_0199  ….and it was only a short while later that they had this very cool kite up and running!!

000_0201   …as you can see, it was a two handed control kite.  Dennis called it a '”combat “ kite. Does that kid look happy, or what??

About 12:30PM  this afternoon, we drove into Sattler to mail some Easter cards.  On the way, we stopped by the Guadalupe Power Plant, just across from the dam.  There was about 3 gazillion steps down to the river, but and I wanted to see it.  When we got to the bottom, there were a few people fishing and a beautiful view of the river and the unique trees living with their feet in the Guadalupe

000_0203 ..000_0206 000_0204

This river is soooooo crystal clear and looks blue from a distance.000_0207 000_0210 000_0208

..We went  back up the 3 gazillion steps to our truck and went into Sattler to mail our cards.  We had thoughts of going into Gruene, but knew that on a sunny 80 degree Saturday afternoon, it was going to be really 000_0211crowded….sooo…we opted to zip into the VFW for a couple cool ones.  This area and the Guadalupe River are popular for tubing.  There are lots of great places to tube down the river and the season is just starting to get going here in Texas.  The VFW wasn’t busy, but when we walked in we were told by the bartender that over 100 bikers had just left…(pretty glad we missed that ).  This is a really neat bar.  They have a shuffleboard table that looks like it grew here in this place.  You just don’t see those anymore…And the people that were playing it were serious players…keeping score on a board just above it…very intense shuffleboarders, these Texans.  After a few drinks, we ran over to the local grocery and picked up some Banquet Chicken for dinner…Tomorrow will be our longest drive yet..about 420 miles from here to Texarkana…I will try to get a blog in tomorrow evening, but if I don’t , I will blog on Monday…Hang in there, kids…we will change the scenery yet again tomorrow!

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  1. Beware the forever ongoing construction in Texarkana along the interstate.