Cave Dwellings: No Panics or Disasters Today…Yea!!!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Panics or Disasters Today…Yea!!!!!

  Well, a new day has dawned…however we cannot see it from our tall pine location.  I love it when the sun finally peeks through…about 8AM.  The first thing we hear when we peel open our eyelids is the multitude of bird voices.  It is soooo quiet.


  Dennis barely moved all night long.  I think he may have been drained of all movement after crawling his long ol’ body around on his back and under our RV yesterday.  I was a tad sore this morning also, and all I did was squat and hand him tools…socket wrench, hammer, drill, AND I learned a new tool!! Channel lock pliers!!! They may come in handy if I ever need to get my Thanksgiving turkey in a hammer lock!!

  These tall pines here are just bursting with buds that will soon spread green fairy dust, better known as pollen, on everything in the park..and get into every nook and cranny, including your eyes if the wind is blowing.  Dennis, a contact lens wearer for 41 years, can hardly wait. These light green little “dudes” are poised for the assault that we KNOW will come shortly.

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Our walk this morning took us down the little path that is my favorite…It is a narrow road that is now closed.  The pines line each side and it goes from the  main road down to Wright Patman Lake..  It is so nice to walk down this little road and not have to worry about cars, boats or RV’s running you down.  We ride our bikes here too, but have to lift them over the barricade to get there…

000_0254 So far this morning we had nothing break, leak, ooze, stick, crack, fall off or unscrew.  Looks like McGuyver might get a well deserved day off.  We came back from our walk and had our coffee outside.  I was enjoying watching the birds in my flat feeder filled with sunflower seeds..until the little gray squirrels found it.  Those suckers will sniff it out every time. I was determined to win this time, so after the squirrel family had their morning meal at my expense, I emptied out the hulls.  Then, I refilled the feeder, but this time I used safflower seeds.  I read somewhere that squirrels don’t like them.  With our luck, they will think it is the gourmet version of sunflower seeds.

  The sun is getting warmer and I think it is an opportunity for my sunbathing attire to come out of retirement.  Dennis had taken a walk looking for more firewood. (We may have to hire a semi to follow us home with our load of wood.) I plopped my chair in a narrow stream of sunlight with my book and ice water and savored the moment.  Shortly, Dennis wandered into our campground with a log in each hand.



  Usually when we are here over Easter, we  always run into Jimmy “Catfish” Jones, a guy we met the first year we were here.  He is a good ‘ol boy from Arkansas.  You may have noticed we mentioned him quite a few times before…Here is a  photo from 2006, when he was catching lots of huge catfish…

That would be Jimmy “Catfish” Jones second from the right with the hood and hat…He is a total riot.


At any rate, we had looked for his camper and truck here this year.  He never misses an Easter here and brings his wife and about 30  of his closest friends with. We couldn’t believe we didn’t see him here.  Well, we found him today..We were riding our bikes and he almost ran over Dennis, jokingly. He recognized us right away and we stopped and talked a minute.  He asked me if I ate yogurt…I was almost afraid to answer “yes”…and he went to the back of his truck and took out a case of Yoplait blueberry yogurt and handed it to me.  Then he went back to his truck and hollered, “Do y’all like muffins?”..”Why do you ask, Jimmy?”..Sure enough, he came back with 2 packages of Hawaiian English Muffins for us…What do you say to a guy who hasn’t seen you in a year and immediately hands you masses of groceries?? I asked him if he was running Jimmy’s Sharing Pantry for wayward RV’ers..

We bid Catfish Jones a good day, thanking him immensely for our food supply, and assured him we would see him again while we were here.  Then we rode our bikes back to our camper, balancing a case of yogurt and 2 pkgs of muffins like jugglers in a circus.  That guy is sooooo much fun..If you have ever seen Larry the Cable Guy, Jimmy Jones is his clone…walks, acts, and talks just like him…and just as funny.  We can’t wait to hook up with him and his wife, Elaine, later on here at the park.

Well, it is 4PM, and not one bad thing has happened.  I am in real need of a shower, though.  God, do you suppose the shower is next to break??  Not to worry, McGuyver would save me. Tomorrow is laundry day, but we plan to get it done early and get back to the park. It is suppose be a warm and sunny day again, and spending it in a coin laundry is not my idea of a good time. More tomorrow,kids, and again, thanks for reading all the way to here.

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  1. Hope ya enjoy your stay in texakana, thats how we were told it's pronouced when we were there, Sam just got back from a trip to Tuscaloosa AL. so he says to tell ya "you know your down south when you see the Winn Dixie trucks". Also go to one of the Krystal's for a southern version of White Castle's, there better.Glad to see the wind stopped for you. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna