Cave Dwellings: Sometimes ya just gotta make your own fun!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sometimes ya just gotta make your own fun!

   Last evening turned our to be a precursor to today’s weather.  It got really windy after dark and the gusts were rapping on our window most of the night.  There was no “killer” sunset, but this morning was a nice sunrise …and yes, I did take a photo..This time, due to the wind, all I did was lean out the camper door,hanging on with my toenails, point and snap…Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a gusty, windy day.
About 11AM, while we were busily doing crossword puzzles (big whoop), our TV satellite reception was doing it’s “searching for signal” routine…The wind was gusting to 50mph, but we usually don’t have any problem with our TV satellite. Dennis has it mounted on a piece of 2 X 10, (that’s Den’s version, I would have just said a piece of wood.) He drilled 4 holes and puts tent stakes in it..usually he just  uses 2 of the holes..Apparently, 2 isn’t enough for the wind gods, so he ran out and put the other 2 stakes in..
Take THAT , you Wind Gods!!…(Maybe I shouldn’t be so rash, I don’t want to anger them further….) Our other dish, our Hughesnet dish, which is large enough to connect with alien spacecraft, was hanging on for dear life,…. but still upright.

We have a tree right outside our window that reminds me of a Halloween tree…branches like skinny, knarly  arms.  It is surrounded by cactus and would make a neat postcard..
100_6102 100_6103 100_6105
The photo on the left is one of the Agaves next to our camper…I zoomed in close for that pic.  Here is the same cactus in full size…he is a grand ol’ Agave, and would make lots of great tequila…
Dennis was gazing out his window, keeping a hawk-like watch on his 2 dishes out there at Mr. Wind’s mercy…He had me come take a look waaay to the South, toward Mexico, and you could see what looked like clouds, but weren’t . What we were seeing was huge clouds of dust ,blowing in the distance.  I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be out on Interstate 10 just 32 miles North of us..They have total “dust whiteouts” with zero visibility warnings all through that part of New Mexico. Mother Nature has neglected to put down anything to hold the desert floor in place ,and the sand becomes airborne in a with just a breeze…This can result in major highway accidents….much like fog can create.  We count our blessings we are not towing our house down that route today.
I am a person who is easily entertained, in case you hadn’t noticed by now.  Give me a little sunshine, some flora and fauna, an daily happy hour, and I can make my own good time. I happened to notice a few different birds on the ground feeding off of the cracked corn I tossed out this morning…I grabbed my camera (surprise, surprise), and got some shots…Now I need to find out exactly what kind of birds I photographed…
100_6108 100_6114 100_6111 100_6110
I DO know the first two..they are Cactus Wren and Dove, respectively. No, I do not know what kind of dove..except it is not a Turtle Dove..I was jumping around, leaning against my recliner, taking these through our back window..By the way, I am a total multi-tasker…I was doing all of this while highlighting my hair…Old hairdressers never die, they just live long enough to screw up their own hair!!
I am marinating chicken thighs today, with the full intention that  Mr. Grillmaster will be cooking dinner outside tonight…hmmm..this plan may not make it to total fruition.(is that really a word??, doesn’t matter, I like the sound of it.)  By the way, a good chicken marinade is buttermilk, Louisiana Hot Sauce, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper…then put some rub on it  before grilling and you have a restaurant quality meal…if I do say so myself.
OK, it has been one of those days that you know you will have of those “stay hunkered down in the camper” days.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a “get the heck out of the camper” day.  We have much to see and do around here, so don’t be depressed..I promise we will get you out and about tomorrow!! Thanks for playing!!

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