Cave Dwellings: WHAT A WASTED DAY!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


  Today was a day you wish you could push the "reset" button on..It started OK...We got up early to get the laundry done so we could ride up to the WalMart at Casa Grande. I needed to pick up my prescription...and that was the main reason we went 95 miles. We also needed some groceries that are unavailable here in Ajo.
The sun was trying to peek through the clouds over the mountains behind us..

Before I bore you with our lousy trip...we had a great sunset last night...again...
...This came as a surprise because we had quite a bit of cloud cover all day...Somehow, the sun worked his magic at just the right time....
  We left the campground at 9AM, turned left on Rt. 86 and headed up the road, through the Indian Nation. About 15 miles later, we turned North on what is called Indian 15...(IRR15)..and the road was a very  good one, nice and gravel. It looked like rain in the mountains ahead...
..There were an abundance of Saguaro Cactus on this drive....It looked like a Saguaro forest in some spots.  So far it hadn't rained on us, but in places the road was wet, so it must have rained earlier...
....Look at all of the Sagurao....Also, notice the small cross along side the road.. These are all too familiar..
We were driving along and we noticed a white truck following us...just staying far enough away, but not passing us. The speed limit was 55mph on this road, and we were staying right at it.. I asked Den if he thought the truck behind us was Border Patrol, or the police, and he didn't think it was anything but a normal white pick up truck. But, apparently there was a car behind the truck, because suddenly a car came zooming around us both ,and speeding on in front of us..And coming on the other side of the road was a Tohono O'odham Police Car...He must have known this guy now ahead of us was speeding..The cop did a U-turn and came up behind the white truck (who was still behind us)...All of a sudden they both came flying around us, going like a bat out of Hell...It was when they both passed us we noticed that the white truck WAS Border Patrol, and he had 2 dirt bikes in the truck bed..
..It is hard to see the bikes, but this must be how they get around in brushy desert. They both caught up with the affending speeder,just up the road, as you can see...
..The Border Patrol pulled his truck up on the shoulder...We crept by them...slowly...Den said he thinks the Border Patrol truck was following us for so long because he was running our plates... That was pretty exciting!  It wasn't even 5 miles down the road when we came across a Border Patrol Checkpoint...
...a little blurry....Border Patrol Checkpoints make  me nervous..I could never smuggle ANYTHING! The dog was again on my side of the truck..The agent on Den's side asked if we were both US citizens...Then he said, and I quote,"You have any rockets???..grenades???...people "under?"" He was, at least, smiling as  when asked..I think our toneau cover on the truck bed attracks their attention...You never know what we could be hiding "under" there.  ...I have sooo much respect for them. He smiled again and waved us through..and we were back on this very interesting drive..
..this was about 10 miles outside of Casa Grande..
When we got there we drove through Historical Casa Grande..
...somehow I don't think Food City was very historical.
I'll now cut to the chase...I couldn't get my RX because they didn't have enough of the drug...they could only give me "partial" RX.  I figured that meant that out of 90 pills I would get at least 30...WRONG AGAIN.. I got THREE pills....three!! So now I cannot take those without driving another 95 miles an a few days to get the rest...FORGET IT.. I will get the rest when I get time...
We got our groceries after waiting around for the 3 damn pills...It was now 2PM! We checked out and to make a bad experience worse, the checker forgot to use my 10 or so coupons..."I'm sorry, ma'am, but once I total, I cannot use them..." Let's get outta here!!!
 It was a quiet ride back...We were both pissed..But we settled down once  back at the RV park. How can you be crabby when you are surrounded by such awesome scenery?? It is now 5:30 , and I am well past cocktail hour, but never fear..I WILL have one!! It's cardboard pizza for dinner as another sun sets behind the Arizona mountains...Hey, we DID have a nice, exciting drive...and we both know...LIFE IS GOOD!!
I'll adjust my attitude and blog again tomorrow....Thanks for reading this far, and if you deserve a medal!

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