Cave Dwellings: Coyote sonatas in the Sonoran it!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coyote sonatas in the Sonoran it!

   Last night about 2AM, we were serenaded by a group of Coyote sopranos.  Every once in a while one Coyote would break into a solo performance in A flat…We have been here 6 weeks now and quite literally, not one Coyote ,“hide nor hair,” has been spotted by the Cave people. This is becoming reminiscent of the wild burros..we hear them, but never see them. This desert offers up some strange critters noises!

   The sun rose bright and clear a little after 7AM.  Dennis peeked out his window and reported the sunrise to be a “non camera” event.  See just how spoiled we are?  If it’s not a spectacular sunrise, now we don’t photograph it…shameful.  Oh, I need to report that the fish and fries we had last night from the local grocery was great.  I whipped up some cole slaw to go with it and we were good to go.

    This morning is “dump the tanks” morning..Boy, are we ever gonna miss our full hook-up!  When we leave here we likely will have to give the ‘ol blue honey wagon a wake up call.  It hasn’t been used since we arrived and is likely feeling a little forgotten. (All you RV’rs know exactly what I am talking about!) We took our morning walk and mailed a couple post cards.  It seemed they were getting ready to rebuild the shelter up by the casino.  They had a lot of sticks piled up in various sizes..It had been blown down in the big storm a couple weeks a go.100_5296

  I mentioned to Dennis that I wanted to go up the road to the Why Flea Market when we got back…He gave me one of those looks that are easy to read….the old “I’m not too thrilled with the idea”look…we’ve all had that look, right girls??  And what do we do in return?? …right, we ignore it and they take us anyway. It was pretty crowded..(I think the big draw here is the bratwurst and sauerkraut they serve.) Just like the last time we went to this flea market, I found nothing I couldn’t live without…I did see some neat jewelry made from gemstones found at the Ajo copper mine…but none of them found their way onto my person…

100_5300 100_5301

When we got back from the flea market, we noticed we were about to get new neighbors yet again.  This place is really getting busy!    Dennis critiqued his backing up skills from inside our camper…..luckily…

100_5297  100_5298

   This RV is a 5th wheel called a Discover America, which is made by the same company who made our HitchHiker, except theirs is the “high end” of this series..They finally got it in the hole and that is no simple job…this thing is about 36’ long compared to our little 30’ one. 

We have been thinking about when to leave here.  We are signed up to leave Feb.28th, and were considering staying one more week. We have reservations now for March 6th at Poncho Villa State Park, in Columbus , New Mexico…..that leaves a week to burn in between.  We were planning on seeing a few sites around Tucson, which is about 100 miles from here and a long round trip drive..I went online and found an RV park about 40 miles South of Tucson that looked good….out in the middle of nowhere, which is what we like, so we signed up there for Feb.27th, staying 1 week.  This means we will leave here one day early, but this is apparently “no problem, mon!”

    I sat outside, watching over the ever changing neighborhood.  Dennis stayed inside working on the computer to create a “calling card”, so to speak. Seems everyone has a card to hand out with all of their info, website, email, address…whatever.  Well, Cave Dwellings now have their own little calling card, too.  Once, when we were in British Columbia, a gentleman gave us his calling card.  It simply said “Dave, Who Mows Grass”…I kid you not! That was about 20 years ago and Den still carries it in his wallet for giggles..

We took our afternoon bike ride around the park..Den thinks he is really funny on his fancy mountain bike, trying to run into me on my “old lady” bike , complete with fat tires, no gears and regular brakes…


He’s just a gem, isn’t he??

Well, I overheard one of the helpers here at the park saying that they are expecting a group of 15 RV’s to arrive…not sure when…but, he also said that there are only about 15 spots left that where no one is parked ….Now that is what I call a full RV park!! This will be fun watching everyone trying to back their rigs in… This is how is usually goes…The wives get out and go to the rear of the spot, giving various hand signals to their husbands and trying to guide them in.  (and this sometimes results in hand signals that are not in the RV handbook, if you get my drift…I don’t know how many times Den has yelled back at me, “Donna,(I know he is upset when he uses my name)…If you can’t see ME in the mirrors, I CAN’T SEE YOU!!!!!”..Come on ladies, you know you have all heard that at one time or another…It’s like an RV parking chant for all men..

Ok, another day in t100_4349he desert is slowly fading. If I want to get any sunset  photos tonight it will involve me doing my covert sneaking around in my “uniform”….Hey, there are quite a few people who haven’t been privy to my outfit yet…this could be fun!! I love to see their faces when I step outside after 5PM….yes, I AM a vision…I never apologize for myself…I’m old….I can just claim insanity…Dennis has no control, he lost that about 40 years ago! 

Until tomorrow, thanks again for playing….If this photo doesn’t deter you from following this blog, nothing will!!!


  1. Your looking like a fashion model runway girl compared to me running around in my mismatched pamamas with old trailing housecoat, hair upside down & head on backwards. And all that's piled on top of a pair of old blown out sneakers from the by-gone era!! We RV'ers are quite a bunch eh:))

  2. It's surprising to me that you haven't run into any other person covertly running around the campground in a uniform similar to yours. I thought most RVers wore uniforms similar to yours. I remember driving my motorhome down the interstate in my pajamamas in the mornings with my coffee in the drink holder.

    During cocktail hour or camfire hours it was always come comfortable and if that meant you came "comfortable" regardless of how it looked. Those old tennis shoes worn by the Bayfield Bunch were more than likely the norm.