Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, February 4, 2010


...This morning we started the coffee about 7:20AM..When I came out into our living area and raised our shades I found we had a thick layer of fog hanging over the distant mountains. It made the look very serene and beautiful...
..they almost had a lavender hue with the fog surrounding them...These mountains were to the South..

I noticed the mountains to the East were more shrouded in fog than these...
.....The sun was beginning to come up and I figured this beauty wouldn't last long once the sun burned it off..

...These mountains were almost totally lost in the mist...

And as the sun got further up in the horizon, most of the fog left, except the very low clouds, which refused to leave until later...

   We took our walk around the campground this morning. We had lost a few campers yesterday and we had our "wide open spaces' all around our HitchHiker.  When we got up by the casino, the moon was still up , and there was still a patch or two of fog left on the desert below..I tried to get them both in view...
....You have to look close, but the moon is up there!!!!

Believe it or not, but after our horrendous adventure of shopping yesterday, we still had to go into Ajo and get meat. I refuse to buy WalMart's meat when we have such great cuts at Olsen's Marketplace just 12 miles away..I was pleased to see that T-Bones were $3.88 per lb...You just don't find that back home...I bought 2 nice ones for $7.00.  I managed to get some great pork chops, lean ground beef ($2.79 lb), country style ribs, and Johnsonville Italian Sausage was $2.99 lb.
  After a quick stop at Dollar General, we made the trip back to Hickiwan...We didn't want to spend any more time in truck after yesterday.  We noticed that the mountains to the Southwest were still cloaked in a heavy misty fog..

When we got back, I fixed us a sandwich and then retired to the sunshine in my usual spot, so I could keep a close eye on the neighborhood.( Sometimes I feel like I am in the movie The Burbs..) There was a guy across from us with his ATV in the bed of his pick almost didn't fit..I zoomed in with my camera, very indiscretely, and got a fairly good shot,

...Our neighbors next to us have been gone since Monday. They have family in Yuma and went to visit ....They asked us to keep an eye on their camper and gave us their cell phone number..They have a cute little Polaris ATV they zip around the desert in...

Do you think they would notice if we took a little ride around in it?? (just kidding)...I don't think Den knows how to hotwire an ATV...Then again, he IS nicknamed McGuyver!! This would surely get you into the desert a lot faster than walking!!! I've seen them use it alot...and they put those masks over their nose and mouth to keep from eating dust as they drive around...

...I just noticed they have it chained to their camper...Pretty wise idea...I am sure it would disappear in the middle of the night if they didn't have it chained..People also put locks and chains on their generators here..just in case...
  Dennis came outside to sit with me for a while. While we were outside, we could hear the roar of military aircraft and looked up to see two of the A-10 Warthogs flying low over the distant mountains to the West of us...

Again...not a very clear photo, but these things are really traveling!!!
  If I haven't mentioned, we have a portable ice maker, which really is worth it's weight in gold! As much ice as we go through, I think it has saved us money.  Last year,sometimes we had to go 40 miles into town to get ice!! This is so convenient. Is sits in one of the storage doors outside our backdoor. It can fill one of my gallon ziploc bags in the matter of a couple hours....Supposedly it will make 20lbs. a day...I love my icemaker!!
....OK, now it is time for our bike ride around the campground.....And we have just gotten more neighbors on the side of us and behind us!! Oh well....I gotta tell ya, the guy who helps out Ray in the park has a unique T-shirt on today..On the back it says D.E.A. ..."drink every afternoon"..I love it!! I guess I'm not the only goofy screwball in the park....More tomorrow!!


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  2. great Picture Dear
    i have seen in your blog.this would be very special moment for you, when you were enjoying your breakfast with seeing such a nice scene...

  3. I love your ice maker! That ice maker would do a great job on my patio too!

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