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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well….here it is….



Of course, you knew I would purchase a piece of authentic Native American made jewelry.  I opted to go with the one that first caught my eye, the turquoise and onyx necklace…I fell in love with it when I first saw it…kind of like when I met Den.

I need to change my habitual sloppy wardrobe of jeans and a T-shirt in order to wear this necklace as it deserves to be worn.  I would have kicked myself if I had passed it up.  I gave a thought that I should have taken a picture of Chris John, the young man who made it, but the Native Americans are not fond of having their picture taken.

We said our few good-byes before we left.  The couple on the left are Cheri and Buddy Cobb from New Mexico.  They were our neighbors for the whole 2 months. …and we had to stop as we passed by Ray’s house with our rig…In the picture on the right, that would be Ray’s brother-in-law (his name escapes me…sorry sir..), and Marcia, Ray’s wife holding Colby the dog, and, of course Ray on the right end…They are all good, fun people…I will miss them.

100_5671 100_5672

It was 10:15AM when we waved good-bye to Hickiwan Trails and turned the HitchHiker East on Rt. 86 toward Tucson.  The ride was good. This road took us about 112 miles to pick up Rt 19 and go South toward Amado. It was a lovely drive…


On the way, we passed Kitt Peak Observatory.  Six years ago , when we had a Keystone Cougar, we visited Kitt Peak, pulling our 5th wheel up a 12 % grade to the top of the mountain..This is NOT advisable. Going up was interesting…going back down was frightening…We had a 10,000 lb house pushing us down the mountain….Den kept his hand on the trailer brake at all times…Don’t ever be as dumb as we were… RV’er wanta be’s at that time…



Here are a few photos I took along the way…



This is the Mission San Xavier del Bac in the distance. I have hopes of visiting it this week…

The next photos are the Pima Mine….I see by the signs that they give tours…Den says he thinks it is a copper mine….and I think Dennis knows EVERYTHING.., so that’s what it is…


100_5688 100_5687

There is snow in the distant Sierrita mountains, but our temp on the truck says 71 degrees…aren’t they pretty?? I love seeing the snow without the shoveling.


We stopped at the Walmart at Sahuarita to get my drugs…FINALLY!  I have been without one prescription for one month…It’s just a good thing it isn’t  Valium, or Prozac, or Dennis could have been seriously in jeopardy.100_5690

We wandered around the WalMart, checking out the place. This is where we will get groceries this Thursday…and, much to our delight, we found that they also carry beer, wine…and Rum!  I do like an occasional Rum and Coke for happy hour, and their price was within my cheapskate budget. While we were there, we picked up some charcoal and checked out the grocery area…The only thing this WalMart didn’t have was a Murphy USA gas station..and we were hoping for one..Oh well…We jumped in our truck and pulled our house down Rt. 19…

I have to say that eventually everyone runs into some horse’s ass ahead of you on the road….

100_5685I’m really sorry about that….no I’m not…I thought it would be pretty darn funny…

We found our RV park and checked in…Let me just say this…We will be doing LOTS of sightseeing away from this place…If it is anything, it is convenient to lots of great things to see and do…and that is ALL I will say about this park..there will be very few photos taken here…

100_5692  100_5693


….Dennis met the Rottweiler next door…need I say more??? Notice this was taken by me..from INSIDE  the camper…




OK, so we have landed for the week.  There is ONE nice thing about where we are..the mountains around us are beautiful, and I will take pictures of them tomorrow.  Thanks for coming with us, and don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone at the RV will be with us every place we go..and we will go LOTS!!!…More tomorrow….

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  1. Can I ride in the front seat for a while sometimes I get car sick and my legs are cramped...Can't wait to see where you take us this week..