Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, February 22, 2010


  This morning we woke to some clouds over the mountains, and a cool breeze.  I was too lazy to expose myself to the elements for a photo.  Besides, the clouds weren’t positioned right to make it a great sunrise…I must have a talk with the weather Gods about their placement of the storm clouds. It seems as if we are in for another UN-Arizona like day.

Last evening we had some storm clouds move across the mountain just before sunset..100_5569 100_5570

Shortly after I took those pictures, there was a fairly nice sunset….waaaay over there through the RV’s in the Western sky…(click to make bigger).  I did my army crawl, dodging puddles, RV’s, people outside..and an occasional dog, to grab these pictures….I tried to stay invisible, but by some of the looks I got, I wasn’t…Oh well…Must be some new people here tonight..most of the old ones are used to me by now….

100_5573 100_5572  


I think this will be a good morning for an egg, Canadian Bacon and muffin sandwich for breakfast with our morning java, which is in keeping with my old adage, “When in doubt about what to do…EAT!” A little comfort food always makes the day seem sunny. We ate our breakfast glued to the TV, watching the highlights of yesterday’s triumphant win for the US hockey team over Canada…and Bodie Miller’s gold medal in skiing…GO TEAM USA!!  (oops, I apologize to all of my Canadian friends for my uncontrolled enthusiasm, but it HAS been a long time!) 

   After a good dose of coffee, we took our walk around the campground…Last night this was our view out of our North camper window over our table….some view, eh?100_5571

I am happy to report that the big rig left this morning, no offense meant to big rigs… Maybe they got a good look at me last night and did some rethinking of staying longer….I think it is good we are leaving here Saturday..We love it here, but it would be nice to have a tad more breathing room between RV’s…and we are getting crabby about it…(shame on us"!)

  We did our walk around the park about 10AM.  There is a 5th wheel here that has a very different set up than most.  Seems the good share of 5th wheels have their bedroom in the upper portion, over the hitch.  This one seemed to have their living room up over their hitch….It is an older 5th wheel, and I had to get a photo of it…

100_5582    I think this would be a rather neat arrangement, except you would have to go up the 3 steps to the living area a lot…But it would be cool to sit up higher to survey the neighborhood..




Some of the mountains were still enshrouded in clouds..

100_5574 100_5576 100_5577

But just before our walk ended the sky was beginning to clear…


A few of the little flowers are starting to appear on some of the brush that lines our campground…and some are sporting some brand new thorns…

100_5578 100_5579


When we got back, I got out all my rocks I have collected and tried to get them in some semblance of order…I will share some of these with our grandchildren when we get back..They may not appreciate them so much as I do, but I think of them as real treasures.  This afternoon it began to rain again..boy, this desert should be a showplace in about a month or less.

   I think we both feel the need to “hook on “ and “move on” soon, so it is good we will do just that this Saturday. We will be South of Tucson, between there and Nogales, a good place to be for one week ,while we explore a few sites of that area. We want to see the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, and there is a drive to Madera Canyon we want to make…and a few other touristy spots for us to check out.  As I type this, the wind has gotten a whole lot stronger and we are rocking about just a bit…but nothing will scare me…We stuck in out in the ol’ RV through hurricane force winds about 3 weeks ago!

Tonight is turkey tacos for dinner…..maybe some black beans smothered in cheese to with them…I think Mr. Grillmaster is probably glad he doesn’t have to stand out in the wind tonight, lashed to the grill, just to cook…I sure hope tomorrow will get back to Arizona-like weather….Don’t give up hope..hang in there…It WILL get better, I promise..

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  1. Know what you mean about being sandwiched between two other motorhomes... since we've been out here on the BLM land we're starting to really relax... hope you keep up the great blog... travel safe...