Cave Dwellings: Hickiwan Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras..thanks Ray!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hickiwan Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras..thanks Ray!

   For the past few days, we have been waking up to a carbon copy of the day before…So if you want to see this morning’s sunrise, just look at yesterdays pictures and you have it. I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming this lifestyle, or if it really is our life.  There are so many people, so many problems…How is it that Den and I happened to get this good fortune?  Den’s Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette are ages 86 and 94, respectively.  They are both doing great, both still able to be in their own home, together, and they do their own huge flower garden every spring…even have won awards for it.  Let’s see, where was I going with this…(I’m worse than either of them are.) Oh, yes…as I was saying, Uncle Jr. says he wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror and says,”Hello lucky!”…I might mention he is a WWII Navy vet…He is our hero…

  Sorry to be so reflective, but we had a bit of bad news concerning an acquaintance back home…makes me wax nostalgic…but…ENOUGH ALREADY, DONNA!!!!

We had a little sliver of moon last evening and I did my best to try and get a photo from the RV…tooooo many campers to do my covert run to the West side of the campground….The “jammy” police would surely get me ….100_5355






We took our walk around the campground this morning and noticed Ray and Marcia setting up a long table and getting ready for some kind of party…. As soon as we got close to their house, we saw exactly what was going to happen…Aha….it is Fat Tuesday and there is going to be a Hickiwan Trails Mardi Gras….at 1PM today…we won’t miss that!100_5357 Ray was building something that looked like he needed to put his face through it….’100_5356 He modeled it for me…You will see it finished later…We finished our walk and went outside for our second cup of coffee…I heard they were serving a lunch at the Mardi Gras, so we didn’t have any at the camper…Just a little before 1PM, we heard a horn beeping and saw that the Hickiwan Mardi Gras “parade” had just started….

100_5361 100_5362  100_5363

It was a one truck parade…Ray’s truck all decorated…they threw beads, candy ,masks and toys out of the back…

100_5368 100_5370

We grabbed our lawn chairs and headed to the mardi gras….Here are just a few of many photos I took…We had a great feed, and then Ray had Cajun music …there was washboard playing competition, and other “unique” games…(click on any photo to enlarge..)

100_5379 100_5376 100_5377

100_5388 100_5399 100_5403

Yes, that would be Dennis in the center and right hand photos….

100_5412 100_5394 100_5414

100_5415 100_5396   100_5417 Did I mention 100_5418 the Hula Hoop contest?….Oh, yes…we did compete…We really should have left while we were ahead, but , as usual, we didn’t have the good sense to ….The day was absolutely glorious weather….sunny with a nice breeze. We met a lot of very nice people at the Mardi Gras…and Marcia and Dave, Ray’s wife and her brother, made the food. We  had jambalaya, gumbo, mufelleta sandwiches, corn, punch, and some kind of rolled bread desert!!

What fun it was….100_5369 Does that nose make my face look fat??  (Sadly, it is scarily similar to my real nose..and possibly the glasses are very like my sunglasses…Hey, why did I need this disguise?…Maybe I could use this when I do my nightly covert sunset pictures…)


100_5424 What can I say about this game that you would understand??  Those are panty hose tied around Den’s waste, drop one orange into the leg, put another on the ground..and you have a relay race just made for people wishing to make a public disgrace of themselves….

100_5421 Yes,  against my better judgment, I played this game too…My evil twin talked me into it…


My T-shirt appropriately says, “Every great idea I have get’s me in trouble”…PERFECT for today..





By 3PM, when no one was looking, we picked up our chairs and ran back to the camper..That Ray and Marcia sure know how to put on a party….

It is now 4PM, and I am in need of a shower…and a cocktail…not necessarily in that order…This day is one of the reasons we love this RV park… We have always hoped that we would live long enough to embarrass our children..Today we have more than accomplished the task!…Don’t jump from our truck when I’m not looking…you’re all in this with us!!! More tomorrow….sans the Mardi Gras….

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  1. What a fun day you guys had...And yes you two are very very lucky to live that life and enjoy it so much.Keep it coming..