Cave Dwellings: Counting Down and Tidying Up…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Counting Down and Tidying Up…

   Yesterday late afternoon the military was definitely having some kind of war games and bombing practice.  Every so often the camper would shake with a low rumbling boom.  You could also hear the roar of the Fighter Jets and the A-10 Warthogs playing in the clouds.  Call me crazy, but I get a warm and fuzzy safe kind of feeling from knowing they are honing their skills overhead. I cannot imagine having to actually be involved in the REAL war games they are practicing for in Afghanistan.

   Last night’s sunset was a non-event…Ol’ Mr. Sol dove behind the mountains without his usual orange/ red/purple nightshirt.  I was just as glad. I think one more commando raid for a sunset picture and I will be banned from the park…just kidding. Ray wouldn’t ban me…he understands my insanity. He can identify…This morning, however, I was again on my worst behavior, dodging dog walkers in my nightshirt and slippers, but being rewarded by a pretty nice sunrise over the mountains behind us…

100_5632 100_5636 100_5637

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We had our java and took our walk.  What a gorgeous morning…sunny and no wind.  The park was beginning to empty out fast. The whole group 0f 8 campers from California were gone now, and a few more people were hooking on and heading out. Our view opened up again…Den and I are ready and anxious to continue on our adventure this Saturday..we have the wanderlust again.  We went into Ajo and got our groceries.  I got my last cheap meat for the year. I swear I have never seen such meat sales (and GREAT meat) anywhere…ever! I also picked up some fresh salsa, making sure they mixed the medium and the hot together for us..I am a bit of a sissy when it comes to the hot salsa down here.  We also got some fresh made Italian sausage .  Last time we got that in the hot form also, and I couldn’t feel my tongue for days.  What is it about the people in the Southwest that allows them to chew and swallow that stuff..crying and sniffing the whole time..In my humble opinion, some of this hot stuff should be used to pry top secrets from prisoners!! And…don’t allow them any water!!  I’d sing like a bird!

We were hoping to stop at Indulgences to get Den some more beer, at a good price…But, this place apparently doesn’t open until noon..OK, whatever. We are coming back to Ajo tomorrow to do some shopping and pick up our last fix of fish and fries from Olsen’s Marketplace…and now it looks like we will pick up some beer too. On the way back from Ajo, we noticed how hazy the Ajo mountains looked in the distance.


…They are calling for a few showers Saturday morning…Probably about the time we will be folding up and getting ready to leave…That would be about our luck. When we got back from groceries, I was outside and met our  new neighbors to the North.  They are from Alaska, and are full-timers for the last two years…and they100_5645 are driving a huge Mountain –Aire  motorhome…We had a great talk about Alaska.  Den and I went there in 2002, before we ever had an RV.  We had a 1999 1/2 ton Chevy Silverado, short bed, standard cab.  We left August 18th and returned September 18th…1 month and 11,000 miles later..  We drove all the way to Prudhoe Bay and the oil fields..What a trip!! That is actually when we started thinking of getting a camper.  We kept seeing these people parked by a stream, fishing and enjoying the outdoors….seeing Alaska a very different way than we were.  That next summer, we sold our underpowered Chevy, bought our 3/4 ton GMC extended cab AND our first 5th wheel, a 2004 28’ Keystone Cougar…and we have never regretted becoming mobile!! We hope to get back to Alaska in our HitchHiker someday, but this time we will definitely take much longer than 1 month!!

Did I just get off on a tangent about going to Alaska???…You must forgive me, but it is totally on my bucket list.

We began the task of tidying things up and putting a few things away for our travel.  Bird feeders, candles, hanging spinners, portable picnic table…which meant I had to sort yesterday’s rock collection and stash it.

100_5643 100_5644

  Crystals on the left…and roses on the right, some of which are questionable.   I wonder if my rock collection will affect our mileage?????

Den pulled out our awning to let it finish drying from our few sprinkles we had a few days ago. If we forget to let it day out, it becomes an awning of mildew..not very attractive.

100_5641 100_5642

I am sooo rambling on about absolutely nothing of any significance today, so forgive me…my mind is already in the truck and on the road.. Two months in one place is long enough. Tonight I put some boneless skinless chicken thighs in the crock pot with white wine and mushroom soup…they will be smothering some noodles later.  The Grillmaster is not on call until Saturday night, so he put his little Smokey Joe away…(that is our one and only grill and we love it!!)  Tomorrow I will shovel the dust and dirt out of the camper and make a feeble attempt at cleaning. I will certainly blog one last time from here…feeling a little sad to leave this place..but  it’s on to new places and adventures….


Don’t forget to jump in the truck Saturday morning, but be careful not to sit on the Hughesnet transmitter/receiver!  That thing gets special treatment and rides INSIDE the truck…just scoot it over and jump in!!!


  1. The Picasa 'Cropping' tool could very well become your best friend. Keep up the good photo work & safe travels.... AL:))

  2. love the rocks Donna ... I totally get collecting them...keep on rollin'