Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, February 8, 2010


  Last night was a pretty nice sunset..I managed a few shots off before the sun got low enough that it was no longer bouncing off the high clouds...
...It was pretty warm out last night so we turned our heater/fireplace off before bedtime...bad idea...It dipped down to 38 degrees before dawn.  I played possum, lying very still, until Dennis got up early this AM and went out to turn the heat back on.. Yes, I am an evil woman!!
 After a cup of java, we decided to wait until it had warmed up a bit before taking our walk. There was, after all, no need to rush into anything. A few RV's were packing it up and getting ready to leave. As it is every morning, the neighborhood changes within hours, and looks nothing like it did just an hour ago...The old adage "If you don't like the neighborhood, just wait, it will change" is a fact of RV'ing...(maybe that's an old weather adage...either way, it works for me!)
While waiting for the sun to warm up the air outside, I prepped my dinner of turkey tacos...browning ground turkey, chopping onion, tomato and lettuce...(can't make the guacamole till just before we gets yucky looking...even MORE yucky looking than it looks fresh.) We finally felt the sun would keep us warm and we did our walk about 10AM. We are becoming sissys...We should be braver...we're from Illinois,after all!!
  We had no special plans for the day, and the day was turning into a beautiful one....and a lazy one. The sun provided the needed radiant heat, and there were puffy white clouds over the mountains.  After our walk we took our coffee outside to sit in the sunshine.
 Rough life.....

It is becoming a habit of mine, (not sure if it is good, or bad), to sit outside in the late morning ,surveying our neighborhood, people watching, so to speak. I know ,as I live and breathe, that I have been the subject of people watchers...especially when I have my "uniform" on...Paybacks are....well, you know.
  I guess you could say that I am the official blogger and photographer here..Dennis is the "techno-geek", who frequently has to get me out of computer trouble. We have a nice Kodak digital camera, complete with buttons, numbers, dials, gadgets and zooms..I have the "on/off" switch down solid..I can also handle the zoom, kind of,...and that is as much of this camera that I understand. I owe the semi-success of my photos entirely to the camera...the operator is clueless.  A few times when we are in the desert I have thought it would be nice to get a picture of us both together...but if we meet an actual "person", they may be traveling light and  in too big of a hurry to stop..if you get my drift.  Unfortunately, we left our camera handbook at home, so Den got online and found it in PDF form...He began to read up on how to set our camera timer and after a few practice shots, we got this one...
....Ah, yes....and just why hasn't the Border Patrol been alerted to these two likely suspects???

  Speaking of Dennis being the computer wizard, he downloaded Windows Live Writer...a little different than the blogger program I am used to. I will have to sit down and actually concentrate (not my best feature) to see if I can be retrained...old dogs, old women..we are the new tricks for us!! I promised Den I would give it my all...but he may have to lash me to the computer chair and bribe me by moving the candy dish closer. It will be interesting, rest assured...and you'll be the first to know.
 I don't have lots of photos on this blog...I have no excuse..I was just too lazy today to go find some...The majority of my day was spent outside, sunglasses on, book in hand..."just a' bummin' around".  It's time to hit the showers and get comfy...This always means that my "uniform" will be my next fashion faux you can see by the above photo..I make many.  I promise more pic's tomorrow.. Don't give up..Stay in the truck!!!

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