Cave Dwellings: McGuyver Rides Again!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

McGuyver Rides Again!!!

   Yippee!!! It’s laundry day again..Seems like I did it just a few short days ago..My, the time does go by out here.  We got up about 6:50AM to be “front row Joe” at the laundry. I know lots of people are leaving tomorrow and I had a suspicion that there would be lots of peeps at the “4 washer, 4 dryer” laundry…and I was correcto-mundo!! I barely got my 4 loads in and someone was in the door right behind me. After that, there seemed to be a revolving door at Ray’s Laundorama. Since we are leaving Saturday, I wanted to wash our little light rugs we put on our steps..This desert dust is ground in, and they WERE a light cream color at one time, but had become a drab beige in no time.

   Dennis rigged me up a clothesline to dry our rugs…I don’t like to hang stuff outside, but lots of people do it here, so why not?…and now we look like the traveling Clampetts…  100_5627 

You know, having an RV is very similar to having a precocious child…Sometimes they are angels and you brag them up and tell everyone how great they are…But…sometimes you want to throttle them and trade them in…Today was one of those “throttle and trade” days with little Miss HitchHiker..Here’s the story…

  Dennis wanted to drain our fresh water tank and refill it so he could sanitize the tank..We will be using our water on board at Amato next week.  Anyway, he drained it and refilled it.  Just as we were about to go into the desert, I opened the drawer under our stove and found it had become a swimming pool for pots and pans..Oh McGuyyyyyver!..What the #@*~# happened?? I emptied the drawer of wet pans and Den took it outside and emptied the water out of it..Then he got down on his belly, looked under the stove and said a typical McGuyver remark..”What the F----?? Apparently the vent hose that goes from the fresh water tank had broken , and water was overflowing into my drawer…nice.

To make a long story tolerable, I will tell you that he drilled a 3/4” hole in the fill door where you hook up the fresh water hose.  He then pulled the hose up and through the hole. So now, when he tries to put the hose clamp on the end, we can’t shut the door because of the lock…(Have I lost you non-Rver’s yet??). Sooooo…He takes the lock apart and retrofits it so that it locks from the top down….and he made his own little hose clamp from some wire, using pliers to twist it tight…(I hope there is at least one person who read this far)….Bottom line….We are good to go, and.. I was forced to clean out my pan drawer..

After all this, I dragged McGuyver out in the Sonoran Desert for one last walk. Here are some pictures…Notice the burro in the distance of the first one…(remember, you can “clik the pik to enlarge”..

100_5595   100_5596   



I call the above Ocotillo Row…..


  100_5623100_5620  100_5626 .



And yet another HUGE Organ Pipe Cactus!! We walked around for about an hour and a half. I could have stayed out there longer, but it was almost noon, so we headed in the direction of the RV park. You could see it in the distance. The reason it takes us so long to do 2 miles in the desert, is that we are so busy looking for rocks, we stop every 3 ft…..I swore I wasn’t going to pick up any more roses or quartz…But…by the time we DID get back, I had my pockets full…and I do NOT need anything remotely resembling saddlebags hanging on each of my hips…I have my OWN….


When we got back , I fixed us cheese and crackers…and I hit the sunshine..Today had turned into a beautiful day..and I intended to take full advantage of it….I dumped my rocks into a plastic dish filled with water to soak the desert dust off..the I use a toothbrush to scrub them off…

100_5628…That pink in the background is my tablecloth on our picnic table…left over from Xmas…I need to change that…These are just the rocks I got yesterday ..when I was by myself…Oh, you don’t wanta know how many I have!!

OK, so now it is time to jump in the shower…Tomorrow is another fun day…Our life is soooo busy….Don’t lose faith…We will leave Saturday for new surroundings…and different pictures..You have been very good about not complaining about 18 different photos of Barrel Cactus..Hang in there…!!!


  1. You are going to need a dump truck to carry all the rocks you have ...What are you going to do with all them?I feel your pain Dennis.. Have fun and keep it coming..

  2. I hope you have room in your yard in Illinois for a desert rock garden. You will have the most beautiful one in Sandwich.