Cave Dwellings: Magical Moon and Sunset..Rainy morning
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magical Moon and Sunset..Rainy morning

We were a tad depressed about our immediate surroundings last evening, but no matter where a person is, the heavens remain unflappable and will put on a show no matter what your location….We found that out last night at sunset…

100_5700 100_5699

100_5694   100_5695

(clik the pik to enlarge)


…What started as a mystical cloud bank, ended up as a fabulous reflection of the sun as it was setting far in the West..Believe it or not, I took these pictures through our back window…I refused to go outside…imagine that…



Then Den went outside just after dark to get the grill ready for Italian sausage, and he ran in and grabbed the camera…He found this “magical” moon.

100_5702…This picture was taken by ace photographer Dennis, A.K.A. McGuyver…I must make note that no tricks, nets, ladders, ropes…nor tripods were used..(Heck,we don’t even own a tripod)..  …AND, he did it by lying the camera against our truck to steady it.  I know I never could have gotten THIS one from inside the camper!!!

I slept fitfully last night.  It started raining in torrents (and in Amado, too) and the wind blew most all night.  I know I heard thunder shortly after we retired. I awoke thinking yesterday was just a bad dream, but, alas, I peeked out my window and knew otherwise. This morning was a gloomy, chilly, rainy wake up call. This is NOT what I need to improve my mood about being here….The cloudy skies do nada to improve it. Maybe a cup of java will help..and I think it did help some.

We checked our favorite blogs and worked on crossword puzzles….(one of our more exciting days). This is not a good day to do any sightseeing, so we decided to check the weather for tomorrow.  Yea!!! Tomorrow looks sunny and 65 degrees, so we will plan on going up to the Pima Air Museum in Tucson.

After lunch, I needed some milk and remembered the convenience store at the park office, so I grabbed my hooded jacket, gloves, camera and wallet, and took the long way .  I was hoping to get a  couple good shots of the gorgeous mountains to our East.  I was becoming increasingly crabby by all of the obstacles between me and the “purple mountain majesty”, but I did manage to get a few off…

100_5704 100_5705 100_5706 100_5707

….I was standing behind a barbed wire fence, which I didn’t even attempt to climb.  I would like to walk around in the desert beyond here, but Dennis restrained me, saying it could be private property…I have been known to bend a few rules in my life….OK, maybe a lot of rules, but I didn’t want to waste precious time in the Pima County jail, so I listened to Den (for a change).

I got my milk and did a brisk walk back to the camper.  I am frustrated by so many views and so little places to get a good picture from the park.  I finally used my zoom lens, and with a little help from the cropping techniques on Picasa 3, I got this….again from my camper window..


  I know we will be driving all over this area, and I can get lots more photos, but I find it a real pain in my whatever when these mountains are at my doorstep and  I have to twist myself into a pretzel to get a photo..

…It is getting close to cocktail hour, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it is close to 5PM, that means I may just start early today.. We are working with  our water on board, so my Navy shower techniques will have to be fine tuned for this week. It is now 4PM and I am exhausted from doing absolutely nothing..Hang in there, kids…More tomorrow….

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  1. We love the greater Tucson area... Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.