Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


   BRRRRRR!! Last night I peeked from under the covers and saw the temp was 34 degrees. I should restate that we have a projection clock/thermometer that puts the time and outdoor temp in BIG red numbers on our bedroom ceiling. (It’s an old duffer’s electronic toy.) I let Dennis control the heat in the camper at bedtime…someone with a normal thermostat needs to be in charge of that, and that is definitely NOT me!.  At any rate, he had turned the heat down before we hit the sack last night, and he got up about 3:30AM to turn it back UP!

Last night the wind came up about 5:30PM and our camper was doing a rock and roll. It had rained a little during the day, and the amount of clouds over the sun in the Western skies gave me a hint we might have a pretty neat sunset.  So now I was really torn.  I have my uniform on, and my uniform is not preceded by me putting on long underwear (but that is a thought…hmmm). It is downright COLD out there and the sun is getting ready to go “onstage” for an oncore performance…I kept repeating outloud, over and over..”I refuse to go out there in that cold”, and then I would turn around and look over my shoulder at the increasingly orange sky…To Den’s credit , he DID offer to ride his bike up to the parking lot for me and get the shot….But….I didn’t want to appear wimpy, so with one final look at the glowing sky from the warmth of our camper, I jumped up, tucked my nightshirt into my sweats, put on my hooded jacket and gloves and ran out the door to my bike. I could see that this performance was going to be over soon, so I raced on my “old lady” bike ,as fast as I could ,up to the casino parking lot, which is ground zero for a great sunset photo.  It seemed that this was an award winning one…There was one beam of sun shining up into the clouds above….

100_5583  …..TOLD YA!!

I felt invigorated as I rode back, (through all of the campers) ,into the wind, with a big goofy smile on my face. I didn’t even mind a few stares…This one was worth it!!!

It was too cold to walk very early this morning,even though it was bright and sunny, so we sat inside like lumps drinking our coffee and watching a few people pull out of the park.  About 10:15AM , I finally cried “uncle” , donned my jacket and gloves, and we took our walk about the park.  There were a few people milling around outside, but most were still smarter than us, and were hanging out INSIDE!  Actually, after we got our pace up, it was pleasant..I even took off my gloves!

We got back to the camper and I got our burgers ready for dinner. I cannot just have regular burgers, I have to add some garlic pepper, soy sauce and some Weber smoky mesquite seasoning. We will have mushroom, bacon cheeseburgers, grilled by the Grillmaster. (I need to make sure I renew my Simvistatin next week!)

After lunch, I was getting cabin fever from staying looked sooo pretty out, but I knew that was deceiving.  I finally couldn’t stand it .  I had to “bust a move”, but Den was happy doing crossword puzzles, so I struck out on my own into the desert.  Trust me, I didn’t go so far that I couldn’t see the campground, plus I had my cell phone…

  I am so addicted to this desert…I took my camera (surprise, surprise), and  some photos..(imagine that!)…

100_5587 100_5590 100_5591

(click on pic to enlarge)


…This is a sign of things to come…A future Ocotillo Cactus flower..I hope it blooms before Friday, but it needs to warm up more!

This next photo I took because it looked like it had been deliberately landscaped. The bushes were in a perfect triangle, with a Sagurao at the top point….but I know this wasn’t least by anyone recently…


It is amazing how long I can “lollygag” around out amongst the mountains and cactus..I kept thinking I should go back, but I kept getting farther away from our camper.. It was so quiet , with the wind whistling through the passes and over the peaks..I was cold at first, but when I went down into one of the dry washes, the sun was so warm I could easily have shed my jacket..but didn’t.  Now, I know I do NOT need one more desert rock to add to my collection, however…..I did pick up some little roses…I know, I know…If you have ever seen the movie “The Long, Long, Trailer”, you will know what I mean when I say I am becoming like Lucy…If you are an RV’er and have never seen that movie..YOU NEED TO!!

100_5592 100_5593

Just before I headed back to the camper, I came across this dead tree…It was totally bare of any bark…It’s striation was amazing…I took this photo …then did a right rotation and now, through the magic of Picasa 3, (thanks Al), I find myself looking into the eye of a dinosaur!!


…Maybe I have been out in the Sonoran Desert a little TOO long….

I reluctantly went back to the camper about 2PM , but anxious to see how my pictures would turn out on the blog…Oh shoot!..I almost forgot that tomorrow is laundry day at the ‘ol campground…The one good thing about laundry day it that I am forced to get up and outside by 7AM… I can catch any good sunrise photos without scaring people who are taking their dogs for their morning walks. We are getting closer to “lift off” on Saturday, so Den needs to drain our water tank, sanitize it and refill it…We are using water on board over in Amato, Arizona next week…

  And now….it is time to get on my “uniform”.  Cocktail hour is not far away, and I ALWAYS enjoy a cocktail in my comfy jammies and recliner..This is NOT camping, as I so often have to remind myself…Thanks for riding along with us…we couldn’t imagine the trip without all of you!! More tomorrow!


  1. Great.job... that's what the desert does to us all...especially the dinasaur eye... now that's inspiration needing to get out... some have a talent for making something out of almost nothing and you're doing it every day...! thanks for sharing it...

  2. Don't be afraid to push the envelope with the Picasa tools. For sunsets try your warmify tool. Add contrast & watch the colors deepen. Try the saturation button & don't be afraid to use your cropping tool to hone in on your subject. I use all of the above plus others, all the time. Don't be afraid to experiment because you can't wreck anything. You can easily undo anything that you do.......... Nice sunset pic:))