Cave Dwellings: Great Day, Great Friends, Great Life!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Day, Great Friends, Great Life!!

    Today dawned clear and cool..This lounging around in bed until 7:30AM has got to stop….well,,,,maybe not till we get back home. Last night we got a few more campers here. One couple, parked just behind us, is traveling in a Van. Their license plates are from Ohio. They pulled in about supper time (our happy hour), and he proceeded to set up a little stove outside and begin cooking dinner….


Now this, my friends, is CAMPING!!!! I admire the resiliency of people who really do live simply. I could handle it in good weather, but I would turn into a wimpy cry baby if it got cold or rained…and Dennis would not be able to live with me…(I know my limits.)

    About half way through “happy hour”, our oldest daughter called from Illinois.  It seemed she had a minor problem for which she needed “McGuyver”s advice …(McGuyver being her father). Apparently the   ice maker in their refrigerator was leaking, and she needed to stop it…and pronto! I need to stop here and say that all of our kids have their father’s Mr.” Fix It “genes… This particular child has been known to shut off the electricity, hang chandeliers, and reconnect the red, black and yellow wires… (Electricity and I are NOT friends..all I know is the wires have colors….I do not know what they mean, nor do I want to.)..Good thing the kids got the good genes from Dennis…I did not mean he has any bad genes….(with the exception of his flared JEANS from the ‘70s.)  Terrie took her phone into the basement and Dennis talked her through the process…find the hose, shut off the water on the line, find the dripping, tighten the nut on the bushing to temporarily stop the drip. Then he told her how she could fix this herself instead of hiring the Maytag man for $100 and hour.  Determined as she was, she got all the stuff she needed at Menards, came back home, called McGuyver back and he helped her fix it from 2000 miles away…They need Dennis to work for NASA!!!  I now need to defend Terrie’s hubby..He is a great  police detective, a wonderful husband and father..…He mows the lawn and does all of the laundry( I kid you not!)….but he hasn’t a clue about anything else around the house except how to operate the remote. Those two are a match made in Heaven…

  After coffee, I decided to shovel out the camper…It needed a good cleaning.  We took our walk afterward and headed down to see a couple from Iowa that we met here..They are leaving for Casa Grande this morning and we wanted to say good-by and get a photo..of course!  They have a HitchHiker 5th wheel that is the twin to our camper except, ours is one year newer. We got there just 100_5283as they were saying good-by to another couple…Joe and Darlene…..Joe, Darlene, Dave and Marla

Joe and Darlene are going to slip into their camping spot when Dave and Marla leave today…..It is a great spot, with lots of room….As it turns out, Dave and Marla camp in Illinois at Thomson Causeway, where we have camped many times. We talked about maybe hooking up with them sometime at Thomson..We meet so many nice people on road. Most of them have a business card with their info on it..We need to get “with the program” and get our own business card…Dennis is on it…

After the photo shoot and a few more good-byes, we continued on our walk. We have walked this same route around the park about 3-4 times each week for 6 weeks now..Many times we  have commented on the huge, fat Saguaro Cactus down by Ray’s house..but…I have never taken a photo..100_5286Today I made Dennis pose with it.  Here we have “Den and the Beanstalk”..a.k.a. Saguaro….The sun was beckoning me when we got back from our walk, so I took my cup of java outside and sat surveying the neighborhood… This morning I noticed these guys across from us huddled around a bowl…I think they were cleaning shrimp they bought here last night…100_5282

I was reading my book, watching the action around me, when I had a friend walk around the back end of our camper and say hello…


He was a beautiful Setter (don’t know which kind )who lived next door to the North. They also had another Setter, I think a younger one, and a little pooch of some kind…All the little dogs look alike to me….We use to have a black Lab, so I am more of a big dog person…I think this dog sensed it.  He sniffed me and wagged his tail..then  he became bored with me and left…Happens to me a lot…without the sniffing.

This place is getting way too crowded!! I hope some people head to Rocky Point in the very near future…no offense to any of them, but man, it is busy!!


About 2PM we showered and headed into Ajo…big day on the town..and we were on a quest for fish and fries at the local grocery.  We stopped in at the tourist office..I wanted to look at the jewelry, and theirs is all authentic Native American…100_5291 We got there as they were about to close, 3PM…Things don’t stay open late here in Ajo.  We were conveniently right next to the Ajo Volunteer Fire Dept. and I wanted to get a picture to email to our son, who is a Lieutenant on a local fire dept. back in Illinois….



This truck appears to be a used truck…I am sure Ajo AZ doesn’t have the size budget that Oswego, IL has.

Den asked if I would like an early cocktail (3:30PM) at the Ajo Bowling Alley and of course I told him I was in.100_5294 It was pretty busy and there are always nice people in there…The bartender was the same nice lady we met last week.. They have a drink special in there called a Bahama Mama Kamakazi Melon Ball Tooter…for the low, low sum of $3.25..No, I didn’t have one..Heck, I couldn’t even say it after one drink!! I loved this sign on their back bar..”BEER…NOW CHEAPER THAN GAS….DRINK, DON’T DRIVE….” Ya just gotta love the sense of humor in that.

We had our early drink and went to pick up our fish and fries at the grocery deli…Heading back to the campground the view was spectacular…..


and the truck smelled like a deep fried heart attack…I could not wait to test my simvistatin again this evening!! We had a great day, as usual…Tomorrow I want to go to the Why Flea Market and see if there are any bargains…or photo ops!!! Thanks for taking time to read to the bottom…Hope you’re still awake…More tomorrow!!


  1. As usual sounds like a fun day.We have a two year old black lab "Annie".You and Angela could be twins.Keep having fun.

  2. nice post. thanks.