Cave Dwellings: Last Day At Hickiwan Trails….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Day At Hickiwan Trails….

   Today is our last full day here. We have certainly had a good time!! In many ways we hate to leave, but the reason we bought this rig was to travel!!…and we are ready to begin again.  Last night late, I heard something in the distance that sounded like heavy gun artillery, and I smiled to myself…those Air Force guys are still playing at war….and practicing for reality…I swear that those sounds helped lull me into sleep.

   Last night the sunset was pretty, but not very colorful.  It did light up the Ajo mountians in the South, and it really emphasized the many layers of rock that made up the mountain..


…and I had to take one of the moon coming up over the mountains behind us….I am a bit sad to leave this place…


We got up  this morning and had our coffee.  I peeled myself out of my recliner and MADE myself get the vacuum from under the bed.  Of course, once you start on the cleaning project, you must finish, so I made did… in record time…1 hour…my personal best (but maybe not the camper’s).  We went for our walk and the sun was shining through some high wispy clouds.   One of the dry washes up by the casino had green grass all around it..


The park was pretty empty, but we heard there were 14 RV’s coming in this evening, so we may see Ray running around doing his best at valet parking..some people need someone to actually get in the rig and park it for them..(I shouldn’t talk..that would be me if I was asked to back this buggy in.)  Den decided he should fill our now sanitized tank with fresh water for our next stay. About half way through the water fill, I pulled out my drawer under my stove and checked for “puddles in pans”…Thank God, there were none this time!!

   The clouds moved in about noon and the wind picked up along with it.  Since I was in shorts and tube top, I quickly made the decision that this was not going to be a sunning day for Donna. After our lunch, we drove into Ajo and I stopped to pick up a necklace for my granddaughter.  We stopped at the local liquor store for Den’s beer. I went to the Rum aisle and was just checking it out, when I noticed Den standing in front of the beer cooler, looking like he just lost his best friend…I walked back and he turned to me and said,”I think they are OUT!”..OH NO!!!!OH PAIN, OH TRAGEDY! Shake it off, Den….either that, or get the regular instead of the lite…Alas, it was not to be. We climbed into the truck with nary a sack in hand, and headed to Olsen’s to get fish and fries.

This was not to be our day…Basically, it was my fault that we left without fish and fries. They advertised them for $5.99 and when we got there they were $6.99…and I am just tight enough that I didn’t want to pay almost $15.50 for 2 orders of fish and fries WITHOUT cole slaw…Not to be denied my seafood craving, we strolled past the frozen food aisle and picked up two boxes of fried clams….For the low, low sum of $7.99, we can have clams…and I will make the slaw and potatoes….I am one cheap “sombitch.”…

  We went back up toward the RV park and pulled into the casino/gas station/convenience store to fuel up before we leave in the morning. I noticed a tarp set up off to the side and smelled the unmistakable scent of mesquite smoke.  Den began to fuel the truck and I almost broke my neck climbing out of the truck to see what was going on….I was sooooo happy to find that the Native Americans were selling their homemade jewelry.. and also cooking stuff…

100_5658 100_5659

The young man sitting down in the corner in the photo on the right was making earrings right there on the spot…They had some fabulous necklaces…I saw Den was getting ready to leave, so I jumped back in the truck…,( but not before I had found out they only take cash or check. tee hee..) We drove to our camper, put the clams into the freezer and I dragged Dennis right back down with me to look at their jewelry again…We looked at everything (I had a few favorites)…their prices were really good.  They were kind enough to explain the stones, their meanings, and took a lot of time with us.  No, we didn’t buy anything….YET!! I found out that they will be here until sunset….hmmmm…I may just have to go back later.

I took one last picture of ol’ Flattop mountain….


So now, I have a decision to make…To buy or NOT to buy…That is the question….Den says get whatever I want…that is what he always says…and I just told you how tight I am…but this stuff was quality silver and gemstones…handcrafted…pure silver…great turquois….carved bison bone…need I say more??  OK, it is time to pack it up for today. I will try to get a short blog in tomorrow after we get set up at Amato…Just think, loyal followers, different pictures….FINALLY!! Thanks for putting up with the repetitions…and stay tuned to see if I bought any jewelry….

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  1. You get the jewelry and get Dennis his beer..sounds fair to me..