Cave Dwellings: A Day For Reflecting On Those We’ve Lost….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day For Reflecting On Those We’ve Lost….

  As I have said before, I spent most of my teenage “growing up” years living in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  This is the largest cemetery around here, and my Dad was the “sexton”, which is a fancy word for caretaker.  Mom, Dad, my baby brother (by 4 years) and I ,lived in the home provided.. sitting right in the middle of lost loved ones to sooo many families. I remember Memorial Day as a really big deal.  Flags were placed on all of the veterans graves by the local VFW, and Dad and the cemetery crew planted the flower beds with tons of annual flowers.  There is a huge cannon in the middle of the cemetery, with stacked old original cannonballs.  This is where the VFW honor guard still does the 21 gun salute and plays taps every Memorial Day.  (I can’t help but cry every time I hear taps played.)

Sooooo true...

…This quote was hanging in the Pima Air Museum…and it really struck me as soooo profound the day I saw it…

On a lighter note, we had Terrie’s family over yesterday and Papa cooked burgers and sausages out on the grill.  It is hard to entice that crew over to Grandma and Papa’s on a 90 degree day…they have an above the ground pool at their house.

  Today it is suppose to rain and cool off.  I am very sure it will, because I just got done watering all of my flowers…

100_6951 100_6946



Yesterday morning Dennis went out and loaded all of the cut wood into our little mower cart, took it out and stacked it with the gazillion other pieces.  This is how our backyard looks now…

100_6954  Still need to cut up that big piece, but that won’t happen today.  Paul Bunyan and his “BABE” need a rest.  It turns out there was one casualty in the tree felling experience….one big fat Hosta….


I don’t think this little incident will hardly stifle it’s growth.  If you have ever grown Hostas you know that they will grow out from under anything…You almost cannot kill them.  This dude isn’t ready for a eulogy yet, he still has lots of life left in him.  Once the tree is cut off I am sure he will spring back and be almost as good as new!


I noticed some new boxes in our garage and had a feeling there is a new project coming up soon….This looks like siding for our garage to me….hmmmmm….


Looks like I need to brush up on my handing off, holding up and hammering skills…..



Above is my Kachina, White Wolf Man, signed and dated  ‘92 on the bottom by Bilger Charlie, Jr.  My grandkids aren’t so sure about this guy.  He is a little scary, but he is a proud wolf hunter, and he graces a special spot on my mantle .  I think he keeps away evil spirits…

  Thanks again for reading clear to this point!! More Wednesday…


  1. Looks like you and Dennis worked hard to remove that tree, Hope you were a little cooler up in Sandwich than it was here in MO.In the 90's for the last four days, it did cool off nicely after 08:00PM and then stayed in the 60's-70"s overnight, great for sleeping in the camper. I made a wood run on Wednesday and dropped firewood at several of my friends campsites, I told them the wood fairy had paid them a visit while they were down swimming and fishing.Looks like your holiday was great. Be safe out there San & Donna

  2. We just love the lay out your house sits on..

    Hope you guys have a good week..