Cave Dwellings: Magical Weavings One Day In South Texas…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, May 17, 2010

Magical Weavings One Day In South Texas…

  The winter of 2009, we never made it to Arizona as planned, so we spent a couple months at Falcon Lake State Park, just North of Roma ,TX ,on the Western border. It can be pretty humid down there in the winter months and one particular morning there was a very heavy fog.  This fog acted like a magical blanket over the whole area …Every cobweb emerged suddenly and eerily visible, hanging on every possible thing you could imagine. I took my camera and did a “walk about” of the campground.  It had been transformed into a million intricate weavings, everywhere you looked. I have never seen anything like it.


(you really need to clik the piks to enlarge…they are pretty cool)

The fact that there was actually a spider in the web was like winning the lottery for me, but then, I am easily entertained. I swear that the day before this mystical day we took our morning walk without seeing one web.  Suddenly, the next day, they were everywhere!! I wasn’t quite sure if I was comfortable once I realized that they weren’t anything NEW…they had been there all the time.  They were just made visible by Mother Nature…..REALLY?? THAT MANY SPIDERS????YIKES!

I am totally a photographer “wannabe”….I feel that photos are a way of capturing history and making memories.  I am the official “memory saver” of our family. My kids resist me, run from me, and make fun of me..but I DO NOT CARE!! Someday they will realize how very important those photos truly are…Growing older is a great educator…

  That same day I took those photos, we heard about a boat being stolen right out of the park.  I need to mention that Falcon Lake was created by damming up the Rio Grande, and just about 2 miles from the park entrance is a free bridge to Mexico, with no checkpoint going in.  The people who had their boat stolen were from Illinois, and we had run into themthe last few times we camped here. 

What the Border Patrol seemed to think, was that someone had been watching the daily pattern of activities in the campground.  There was a jam session scheduled at the Recreation Hall on the same day of the week, every week.  Almost everyone in the park went there for an hour or so to enjoy and share music.  This “just happened” to be the same evening their boat was stolen….So… nobody actually saw anyone hooking on to the boat, but when the owners came back from the Rec Hall…their boat was gone!



That vacant space in front of their 5th wheel is where their boat USE to sit.  We took this photo the morning after the theft, the same morning I took the “web” shots.…We felt sooo bad for them. They loved to fish, and had been coming here the last few winters.  They had all their poles, tackle boxes, fishing equipment and coolers on the boat…GONE! Border Patrol figured the bad guys  had been observing the park. They waited until most campers were at the Rec Hall, hooked on to the boat, drove it out of the park, across the bridge and into Mexico…never to be seen again…That really sucks! Just when you start to relax about safety, something will come along and bite you in the behind!

  Well, I have gone on too long AGAIN!  Yesterday I got quite a bit of planting done outside…and it was a good thing, it has been a drizzly rain most of the day today, making it a good blogging day.. They are predicting some warmer sunny weather for the end of the week..HALLELULIA!! Maybe we can get our vegetable garden in! Thanks again for “hangin’ in and hangin’ on!! More later!

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  1. Were hoping too for some sunny dry weather, here in Dardenne Prairie been over a week since the sun made and appearance and it's rained most of everyday. Sam used to say when he was on the police department, that there are people out there than can steal your underwear without removing your pants. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.