Cave Dwellings: Lunch With An Old Friend…Lots Of Memories.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lunch With An Old Friend…Lots Of Memories.

   Yesterday morning we woke up to a moist, nasty fog outside.  It was fairly thick, but as we did our walk the sun began to burn through it…

100_6958 100_6959

  By the time I finished the walk,my hair looked like I had been rolled through 1,000 moist towelettes.

  I went to lunch in Oswego, ILL with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in about 15-20 years.  We met at a place called Emmerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom .  They sell pottery and have a lovely little tearoom for lunch.  It was in the middle of BFE and a few cornfields.  I had to drive down a long, bumpy gravel road to get there…reminding my of being back in Arizona, headed toward Charlie Bell Pass on the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge. (Anyone who has done that trek will understand.)

100_6960 100_6962

  We had a great lunch and I sweet talked the waitress into taking our photo… 


..Diane Clodi on the left…the “usual suspect” on the right…


100_6966  100_6964

This place had lots of very poignant signs…Here are my favorites..

100_6963 100_6967

….No truer words were ever spoken…or written! It was really great to see Diane.  We had a nice visit and made plans to hook up again at the end of the summer.

When Den and I were on our travels last winter, we fell in love with some wind spinners hanging next to an RV at Goose Island State Park, TX.   They were like a little hot air balloon, and very brightly colored.  I was determined to find them, but was unable to find any on our trip. Yesterday, on my way home from lunch, I ran into the Oswego Ace Hardware to check the plants, and Lo and Behold!!!…I stumbled into a wind spinner display…They had the exact thing I wanted …and only 15 miles from home..DUH!!

100_6975 100_6973

…as you can see by the photo on the right, we have no plans to take our Hiker anywhere soon, unless we watch TV while lying on the floor.  That’s our fireplace in the right that Den has out to clean..Guess RVing is out of the picture for at least a little while.  This means that I will need to try to think “happy thoughts” and not let the urge to wanderlust throw me into a nasy “snit”…

..Update on the Wren honeymooners….She spends most of her time inside their bird condo, while he spends his time is singing his little heart out while sitting on top of it… I would love to peek into their little home, but she might dial 911 on her little wren phone and I would end up in the slammer for home invasion. (Which would serve me right for sticking my big nose into their little house!)


100_6971 100_6972

  Sorry about the long blog…I just couldn’t resist the Wren update!! Big group hug to all of you snowbirds who just cannot wait to get back on the road…Winter is coming….


  1. I love Ace Hardware "Ace is the place" We had one 1/2 mile from home then Home Depot and Lowes moved in and they closed.

    I miss the small store that had everything you need and they knew your name..

  2. I wonder wren you wil be hearing babies in that cute little bird house. And yes, that big RV hug was much appreciated here sitting at home impatiently waiting for the big wheels to roll once again.