Cave Dwellings: TIMBER!!!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, May 29, 2010


  Yesterday “Paul Bunyan” and I “felled” a dead tree that was hanging over our backyard..(yes, Dennis does have other names than McGuyver).  We didn’t do our usual 2 mile walk in the morning because we figured cutting up wood and hauling it would qualify as exercise.  This tree was pretty damn tall, and “Paul” and I had a disagreement as to whether it would hit our RECENTLY planted garden…Here is the tree before we attacked it..(or I should say Dennis did).

100_6930  100_6931

It may look close to our camper, but never fear, Paul Bunyan knew how to make the initial cuts ,so it didn’t flatten the Hiker.

100_6932 100_6933 100_6935

…clik the pic to enlarge…



TIMBER!!!!!! Notice Mr. Paul Bunyan in the left corner as it went down..Oh, me??? Where was I??? I was cowering behind another tree with my camera, of course..And….here is proof that I should NEVER doubt Den’s judgement in felling a tree…

100_6939…it never hit the garden, but it DID come close…Den said “close” didn’t count. Below is the whole darn tree….all over our yard.  Looks like lots of work to me. I got out my rake and garden gloves and got at it.  Den handled the chain saw and I picked up the sticks.  Gosh, I wonder why he didn’t ask ME to to the chainsawing???? As a matter of fact, if Dennis is Paul Bunyan, does that make me Babe the Blue Ox?? At one point in my life I may have been a “Babe”, at least to Den, but those days are looooong gone!!


We worked on the tree all morning, and I had to shower up and leave by 12:30….REALLY, I DID!! I had to go sit with Terrie’s boys while she went to the Dr.’s office for a test.  Dennis continued on with the cutting until 3PM..By then he said he felt like someone had beat him to death, so he called it a day.  He really got lots done, though…and his back was totally sunburned!



  This morning we started in again, working from 8AM until 1PM….Here is how it looked when we finished….We need to start a business…”Trees Are Us”.

100_6941 I took a big jug of water out and 2 chairs so we could stay hydrated and have a loll in the shade occasionally…

100_6942 100_6943

No, Paul Bunyan wasn’t crabby, just tired….And here is yet another of my “stylish” looks….I have soooo many “uniforms”.  All in all , we managed to get most of the wood cut up.  There is still the big trunk part of the tree for Paul to attack, but that will have to wait for another day…Paul and his “babe” are bone tired and in bad need of a shower before we embark on our usual Saturday night “date” .  I see a couple cocktails at the Moose Lodge and some Gene’s Chicken carry outs in our future.

I do want to close by saying a “thank you” to all of the wonderful veterans out there who gave up so much to allow us to stay free.  I’m not usually a Billy Ray Cyrus fan, but his song “All Gave Some, Some Gave All”, really hits home at this time of year… I have my sidewalk lined with US flags…So many young men and women are risking their lives so we can enjoy sweet liberty…Thank you all for serving our great country…and have a safe Memorial Day.


  1. Looks like the 'Firewood Ace' has struck again alright. All that wood should keep you in campfires for another hundred years.....maybe more!!

  2. Is there anything that guy can't do? That was some big tree to fell. Oh BTW you've got the look Babe ! cute. I love unifroms.