Cave Dwellings: Is It November Yet? I Have a Case of RV-itis!
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is It November Yet? I Have a Case of RV-itis!

  Not too much exciting going on lately, unless you count the Wrens that are feverishly building their nest in our Wren house.  I sit much of the day with my nose against the window and camera on the table, watching the progress. They are soooo cute, trying to figure out how to get a stick turned just right so they can take it through the little opening in the house.  I still haven’t figured out the difference between the male and female.  You would think at 62 years old that I would be able to figure it out. Actually I HAVE surmised this…. I’m sure the female must be a “tomboy”, never putting bows in her feathers and refusing to wear lipstick…(beakstick?).



Not sure if these two photos are the same bird, or…  one the male, the other the female…See? No bows or “beakstick” on either one of them..DAMN!


  I am not sure if they are done with their nest building or not, but we are sure enjoying the beautiful songs…

Yesterday, while I was talking on my cell phone in the kitchen, I noticed this very blue bird sitting on our gas grill.  I almost dropped the phone, trying to carry on the conversation and get a photo…(like I said, the camera is never far from reach).


I decided that this was an Indigo Bunting, which we rarely have around our house.  The photo isn’t very good since I was talking on the cell phone while clutching it between my shoulder and ear…Hey, I certainly wasn’t going to let this one pass me by.

Tomorrow we have to drive into Aurora.  I have an appointment with an Ophthalmologist…A few issues that turned up on my last regular eye exam at Wally World…We shall see how this shakes out!

Today I took a few photos of flowers around the yard…I am never bored by the beauty of the spring blooms in our yard, no matter how common they may be…and the rain really made them POP!

100_6836 100_6837

Clematis on left, …looking directly down at an Iris on right…

I have a gorgeous Hydrangea in the house…It isn’t one that is transplantable to the outside….We are in zone 5, and this wonderful potted plant won’t survive the winter..But isn’t it pretty? I am going to attempt to dry the flowers when they turn paper-like…They charge an arm and a leg for those in stores.

100_6841  100_6840100_6842

Den drove me to the ophthalmologist this morning and all is well. What could have been a nasty eye disorder turned out to be just a scarring of my cornea . A follow up  appointment in 6 months is in order, though.  For all you “snowbirds” out there, I made that appointment for the very early part of November…No sense in delaying our “flee for warmth” for an eye appointment, right? Actually, today is quite warm and lovely, but I’m missing my other “home” that is sitting all alone on it’s pad by the garage. I miss the new adventures that always follow us when we travel..the good….and, believe it or not, the bad.  The really goofy, non life threatening bad stuff makes for great blog fodder….HO HUM…..

Enough for today….I need to get dinner ready..Cornish Game Hens are  marinating and are soon to take a dust bath in my “rub”…Mr. Grillmaster will don his apron and chef’s hat tonight, yet again…(If you think Dennis really wears an apron and chef’s hat,then you haven’t been on the road with us this winter!)…..More jibber jabber on Friday….


  1. Your life is still more exciting then ours.
    We would feel great if we could get two days of sun shine in a row.

  2. Always good for me to read about other people coming down with a case of 'hitch itch.' Nice flower & bird pics for sure.

  3. Sam is getting the same way, it seems he is always tinkering with something in the 5th wheel, he says even if it takes awhile to sell the house, he is still going to take the trailer out a couple of times on shakedown or pre deployement operational readiness exercises.I know Adam our Grandson is looking forward to going. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.