Cave Dwellings: Raccoon Adventures sans photos..DRAT!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Raccoon Adventures sans photos..DRAT!

Tim and Peyton 2   

Tim and Peyton at Wrigley Field to see the Cubs.



Yesterday morning I did my 2 mile walk and ended up at one of my Ya Ya’s houses for morning coffee. All my Ya ya’s and their husbands were there.  Lynda makes the most fabulous caramel rolls..homemade…and they were all gone when we left…Dennis stayed home to see about going to his Uncle’s house to help with a chimney problem…. About 9:30 AM, we  did end up having to address the chimney problem, so we drove up to Den’s Aunt and Uncle’s house in Montgomery, about 20 miles away.  They were having some issues with leaking around their chimney..McGuyver took his tool belt and ladder and away we went up onto the roof.  I forgot my camera, which is a cardinal sin of a good blogger….Al doesn’t go ANYWHERE without his , I’ll betcha!

Anyway, after going up on their roof, Dennis discovered there was a raccoon down inside the chimney…And he tried EVERYTHING  to get him out…Finally we decided that lighting a fire in their fireplace may drive him out…and it did, temporarily. He looked out, turned around and went right back down.…But, I had no pictures to document it. DAMN! It turns out when Den went back on Sunday,  Mr. Raccoon was still there, alive and well , making a condo out of the chimney.… While we were there, Dennis took the plastic covering off their screen room and cleaned out their gutters of the garage.  They are ages 86 and 94…and still live in their own home…unbelievable.  It is always lots of fun to visit them…Wine is almost always involved..Don’t ask me how, but they can drink me under the table every time!

  We got home and decided to order some pizza for dinner. Actually, yesterday was my 62nd birthday..and we had a fun day. Our weather has turned lots warmer and sunny.   This morning I have to drive into Lisle for a baby shower, so this may be the extent of the blog..unless something CRAZY happens soon!!


That would be Dennis, combining corn last fall…

Happy Birthday to me…..Last night by the campfire.

100_6866 My 62nd birthday



  1. Happy Birthday Donna, You and Sam are the same age, a good vintage, he is sitting at the kitchen table having a beer in your honor, you'll have to build a really big fire to get rid of that racoon. Hope you had a great B'day .Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Happy Birthday & how come you are allowed to be outside without your pajamas on!! Be nice to that raccoon & maybe you can make a pet out of him & yes, your right......Al does not go anywhere without his camera:))