Cave Dwellings: A Tour of the Dwellings
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Tour of the Dwellings


This morning Den and I went to the McDole Grade School for our 6 year old grandson’s graduation from Kindergarten…Did we ever get a “graduation” from that year in school??? I’m pretty sure they just handed me a report card, patted me on the head and said “Next year you will be here ALL DAY!!”, which scared the bejesus out of me..What?? No nap on my rug??? Then I ‘m not coming to first grade!

100_6924 100_6926 100_6920

  I spent yesterday weeding my flower beds, trying to beat the predicted rain.  I spent from 9AM until 2PM outside (with 1/2 hour for lunch)…Geez, you would think I had to punch in and out the way I just put it…Dennis mowed the grass, and we got it all done just in time..About 3PM the sky opened up, and I could almost feel the mosquitoes, spiders and gnats hatching out.  The minute I even say those words I begin to scratch.  Seems like I actually DID get some nasty spider bites on both arms, and they swelled up into big itchy lumps…(I spared you the disgusting  picture of this.) 



We had another warm and sunny day today. I have my front porch finally cleaned off so we can have our coffee on it in the mornings after our walk.

100_6886 100_6887

…here is the rest of the nickel tour of the Cave Dwellings (the permanent one)…

100_6889 100_6890 100_6893

left to right…East end of living room, dining area, new HD TV

100_6894  100_6891 100_6892

…West end of living room, kitchen and finally kitchen eating area…

We normally don’t have that computer screen on our kitchen table, but we are copying a genealogy program from our old computer to the newer one…

  I don’t have much exciting to blog about today…Basically our life is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Looks like this Memorial Day weekend is going to be great weather so we are having a picnic with our whoever of our family isn’t working..Health care, fire dept., police people…it’s hard to get them all together! Update on the Wren newlyweds..They almost had the moving truck pulling up to move out after a squirrel knocked their birdhouse on the ground…But, Dennis came to the rescue and made more secure,  so an overweight rodent wouldn’t knock it down again.  I think they were watching from the tree because as soon as he hung it back up, they were right back. They flew in and out with little sticks..Their nest probably ended up in the ceiling of their little abode and they had to re-do it.

Well, thanks for trying to stay awake through this episode.  You can wake up now and check out a more lively blog!!! I WILL not give this up, though.   I definitely plan on poking you again on Saturday!


  1. It was good to hear from you guys our life is just like yours "BORING"

    Love the house pictures..

  2. Yep, know what you mean by that,'watching paint dry' lifestyle when not on the road. It's boredom with a capital B!!