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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indulge Me One More Time…

  Every so often we old fogeys need to get in touch with our “inner child”. I have been transformed to my “inner child” for the last two days by attending children’s theater. I like being in this place..being transported to standing on stage, unafraid, talented, young…..How lucky these kids are!!

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Last night was the “showcase” for all the kids involved in CYT and they put on quite a show!! They had improvisation, dance, theater, and musical theater performances.  Unlike the Annie production of Sunday that I blogged, there were no costumes, scenery, or fancy lighting…and these kids still blew me away!


  My photography leaves MUCH to be desired, but that is Taylor, 4th from the right in the musical theater portion.  They sang and danced to “All That Jazz” from the musical, Chicago, and music from Kiss Me Kate, and Chorus Line… They had a group of kids, age 5,6 and 7 years olds,who sang from Mary Poppins..This age group is too young to be in the musical productions, but they start them young to get them ready for the “big time”.  The little ones have what they call big brothers and big sisters to help mentor them.  Taylor is a big sister to one of the younger kids, and here she is getting a hug after her performance.. On the right, the whole family..notice my grandson on the left side of the photo. This would be Peyton, who is totally bored by the whole thing..Brutally honest, that one.

  100_6806 100_6807


Today is really yucky outside…rainy, cool, nasty.  I have been surfing the net for recipes, which means I have waaaay too much time on my hands…Usually I don’t get this much “face time” with our computer..Den is the big surfer in this family, but he is with a contractor friend of his today, checking on a possible job….

These photos from last summer make me long for the flowers to bloom and the sun to come out…Oh well, it won’t be long…

Hydrangea My blue Hydrangea Yellow rose

  Thanks for tolerating my endless boasting about the children’s theater.  I just really think it is just such a GREAT thing for kids to get involved in…and it certainly opened my eyes to see how many super talented children there are out there… I promise to change my topic for Thursday’s blog…

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