Cave Dwellings: A Few Musings From a Cave Dweller
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Few Musings From a Cave Dweller

  Yesterday I met some friends for lunch in Geneva, IL.  I would have taken my camera, but I didn’t think they would appreciate it.  For the last 2 days we have had really HOT weather…96 degrees today! The older I get the less I like the hot days..I have enough “hotness” going on within my body , all coming in flashes!  I came back from coffee with my Ya Ya’s and found Dennis putting fence around our garden.


.It seems the rabbits found our pepper plants quite tasty when eaten with our lettuce..”Be vewy vewy quiet..We awre hunting wabbits” quote Elmer Fudd. (The fact that I am actually quoting him concerns me a little.)

  Boy ,there has been lots of discussion about the problem with illegal's crossing the border in Arizona…I have to say, we had been totally naive, living here in the Midwest, not experiencing what the Arizonians are going through. That all changed this year when we spent 2 months in Ajo, Arizona.  It is a real eye opener to take a nice walk into the Sonoran Desert and find discarded clothing, food, cans, water bottles, diapers, …and it seems this is not unusual! After living in it for only a few short months, I totally understand the anguish of the local residents.  It seems to me we should put some of those troops in Afghanistan right here on our border…The Border Patrol is overworked, and totally overrun with the plethora of people who sneak across the US/Mexico border, not to mention the drugs and dealers.

100_4715  100_5511 100_5510


On a lighter note, Mr.and Mrs. Wren are done real estate shopping and decided to take up housekeeping in our little Wren house outside our kitchen windows….YEA!!! He sits most of the day and sings his little heart out on top his house…Every once in a while he leaves, then comes back, enters the house for about 15 seconds, then comes out and resumes singing.  According to my research, he is probably feeding his mate, who is cleaning, doing dishes, making beds…all at the same time she is sitting on her eggs. What a woman!  And…ya GOTTA’ like a man who makes sure his woman is well fed!~

100_6882 100_6883

100_6870 100_6872

..Delphinium on left, Icelandic Poppy on the right..I need a few more of those and I could have a little home based “business”…JUST KIDDING!..You have to understand my sick humor.

Below used to be the one and only stoplight in our town….


….and now we have about 10…AND, of course, no modern suburb would be complete without Mickey D’s!!



Well, I have again succeeded in blabbering on about stuff of absolutely NO consequence….It is again almost 90 degrees today, and if this thunderhead is any indicator, we are in for some storms later…..


We’ll talk again on Thursday….Thanks so much for tolerating my insanity.


  1. Know what you mean by being less tolerant to heat as we age. It's either that or the summers are getting hotter & hotter. Nice pics & the little wren is so cute. Don't worry about the insanity part. It's a preferred & sometimes necessary tool for blogging.......carry on:))

  2. Wish, Dennis was here to fix my A/C, on the trailer, going to give it another go today, or it will be call the tech. Your flower and bird pics are great. Hope to be sending the next blog from the campground. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.