Cave Dwellings: A Little Maintenance On the HitchHiker
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little Maintenance On the HitchHiker

Our TV receiver/CD player/ radio had the surround sound burn up while we were on the road this winter.  When they designed this fiver, they placed this component right over the electric fireplace and the heat from it fried the connection to the surround sound…bad planning. As luck would have it, one of my Ya Ya’s husbands, David Ikonen, is an electronics wizard.  He took it home, and ,using the schematics that Dennis found online, downloaded and emailed to him, David found the problem…and promptly fixed it!!!  Kudos to David, who saved us a lot of “pain in the you know what” to get it solved!!

  So now, our surround sound works, but we don’t want to put it back in the same spot over the fireplace.  Dennis began tearing out the TV and the fireplace trying to find a better place for this thing..

100_6741 100_6742 100_6743

100_6744 100_6745

  While we had the fireplace apart, we needed to clean out the Arizona dust and the Texas pine pollen.  Another problem arose when Dennis took the TV out.  Unknown to us, the shelf holding our big TV was almost completely falling down.  We were lucky the TV didn’t fall while we were traveling over some of those rough roads!  Dennis, A.K.A. McGuyver, bought some wood, got out the ol’ tools, and reworked the shelf so it would hold the TV….


  Dennis uses the tailgate of ‘Ol Blue to work on almost every project…He had to make a run to Menards, so while he was gone, I decided to give the outside of the Hiker a bath.  The bugs were glued on the front like wallpaper, and I figured it was time to give those little carcasses my full attention.  Just for the record, I describe washing an RV (for those of your who don’t own one) similar to “diapering a dinosaur”..Those of you who HAVE given an RV a bath will totally understand.

100_6747  100_6748

Up and down the ladder one million times, but….all nice and clean…..

These next pictures are some I have taken here at our house….I love the Hummingbirds…Next is my attempt at a “black and white”…and finally a Hawk perched in our neighbors tree for a brief check on the field mice wandering through…



Big Mother’s Day this weekend. I may have mentioned before that our  11 yr. old granddaughter is in the production of Annie, put on by the Christian Youth Theater Chicago. We are going Sunday to the 2PM matinee at Oswego High School.   They actually have a total of 6 shows..They put on 2 performances today for the local schools, one tomorrow evening, a matinee and an evening performance on Saturday, and a matinee on Sunday.   We are having her two brothers overnight tomorrow night, which means I buy pizza, cheetos, juice boxes and hot dogs…Oh yes, and marshmallows to roast if it doesn’t rain, and Papa can start a campfire..I probably should take a couple extra vitamins tomorrow so I can keep up….More blogging Saturday…Thanks for checking in!!

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