Cave Dwellings: Veggie Garden Planted?…CHECK!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, May 21, 2010

Veggie Garden Planted?…CHECK!

  Yesterday we got the dirt worked up and put in our small little vegetable garden.  Den had tilled it up Wednesday evening, so yesterday morning we worked fast to beat the rain…

100_6849 100_6859

We had a little help from Mr. Robin Red Breast…The minute the soil was worked up, so was he.  He was so busy pulling worms out of the dirt he didn’t even mind us planting around him. We almost had to kick him out of the way.

We put in some onions, lettuce and radishes.  I had some seed potatoes that were on sale at WalMart..probably because it was now waaay too late to plant them, but I never pass up a bargain.  I had no idea how to plant potatoes, but I sure know how to EAT them. Den took over the potato planting.. We have a few tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos we didn’t stick in the ground. We can’t plant them yet because Dennis is going to “fell” a dead tree in our yard.  Actually, it’s the neighbor’s tree, but it hangs on our property.  He figures it will fall precariously close to our garden, so we won’t plant the remaining plants until the tree comes down.  I think this should happen this very soon…and that will supply more “blog fodder”..

  100_6845 100_6846

Two is company…Three gets a little “testy” in the bathtub…

When we are way, way out in our backyard, all the way to the end of our bowling alley shaped lot, we get a clear view of the gazillion trains that travel through.  This is Amtrak coming by….. I am looking toward town.


We have an average of 2-3 trains an hour go by , 24/7….When we bought our home in 1975, there was, maybe, 1 train every 3 hours..if that.  Lots of the Burlington Northern freights have up to 100 coal cars, going into Chicago.  A new crossing just went in about 2 blocks from our back yard, so now the trains blow their horns directly behind our houses here…This does NOT make for good sleeping in the summer when our windows are open. (We don’t like central air). That is becoming a huge “bone of contention” in our little town…trying to get a “NO TRAIN HORN” zone. Lots of people are complaining of the noise…We even have trouble talking on the phone when they are going by.

100_6850 100_6851 100_6852

Above is a view of our neighbor’s house from the back of their yard..Our house is just barely visible on the left…This is their climbing Clematis..She also has tons of beautiful roses..

Below is our pile of firewood…all of it hand cut by McGuyver…We burn a fire most every evening.

100_6857….McGuyver gathered or cut all of this wood from trees around here.  Anytime someone has a tree to cut, they know who to call.  Below is another tree that will eventually be horizontal..As you can see, it is dead as a doornail…AND this one is also on the neighbor’s property to our West.  Notice the branch caught precariously in the other branches..That branch ended up in that position after a microburst went through a couple years ago.   I really don’t let our grandkids play anywhere near it…It could come down anytime, which is why Dennis wants to take that one down ASAP!..and our neighbor is OK with it.


  Well, it is no  time to marinate some steaks for dinner…I also need to highlight my hair…That is one expense I am glad I don’t have to endure..You can’t keep an old hairdresser on the shelf..and I cannot BELIEVE the mark up on hair services!!!! Luckily I can still do my own haircuts and color jobs…(However, it sometimes it totally looks like I “do it myself”, too!!) More later….thanks for following along!


  1. Dennis looks like he's pretty good with a hoe!!and he has a nice wood pile going.
    You need to sale the house to Sam@Donna-5th Wheel Vagabonds Sam loves trains..

  2. Trains,you have trains, Sam would love a visit to your place he is a train nut,trouble is he would take his camera's and a couple of beers and that would be the end of him till it was to dark to take anymore pictures. We stopped the tilling routine and gardens when Donna took her second job, plus the rabbits and other scavegers would eat us out of most anything they could reach unless it was fenced. ended up being more trouble than what it was worth,then who do you give all the stuff you grow to. we didn't have enough familt and being country everyone else had a garden. You guys have fun, be sfae out there. Sam & Donna