Cave Dwellings: Just a “touch” of Mexico now and then….
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just a “touch” of Mexico now and then….

  Yesterday morning we had a coffee get together with 3 other couples that we have known forever. Every month or so, we manage to congregate at someone’s house for a big “group hug”, some coffee and intelligent conversation. The hugs and coffee are always present, but sometimes the conversation wanders away from what some would call “intelligent”..I call these 3 fabulous woman friends of mine “my Ya Ya’s”. We have known each other most of our lives, raised our kids together, laughed, cried and , occasionally gotten into trouble together.  Our husbands tolerate us pretty well, and the men have become good friends too…. probably because misery loves company…

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We trade gossip, recipes, travel plans and dreams.  Our husbands have trouble keeping up when we are all together, and sometimes say they get whiplash when we suddenly change the subject without notice.  We have driven to Florida on vacation together..(this was BC..before camping, for us.)..with pre-adolescent kids in the back seats , making all of us parents glad when a Howard Johnsons loomed in the distance..This meant the drive was over (at least for that day.)

McGuyver was on duty again yesterday. My coffee pot kept putting grounds INTO the coffee, not just the filter.  He deduced that the water wasn’t draining into the pot fast enough, so he “retrofitted” the coffee pot with a screw in the top to push the little spring that sits under the filter up higher . Thus allowing the water to flow more freely…Who’da thunk it??  Certainly not I!!


Last night we went to the local Moose Lodge in Sandwich for a cocktail….Yes, Dennis is a Moose..does that make me a “Moosette”?..We stopped at the KFC for a gourmet bucket o’ chicken, getting the pink bucket…which donates 50 cents to the Susan B. Kolmen breast cancer foundation…We came home to start a campfire on a really gorgeous evening.  Before we knew it our great neighbors from next door, Deb and John, came over to join us for a beer.

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Den and I say we don’t smoke…We don’t need to. We inhale enough campfire smoke to char our lungs beyond reason.  These two neighbors are especailly dear to us. Deb is German and John is Greek and they are great people who have 3 super kids.  Deb is the one who made the chandelier hanging in my dining room…How lucky are we to have so many great neighbors ??


  I was looking back at our pictures from the times we walked across the border into Mexico on our winter trips…Gosh, I just love the country.. and the people…I became especially fond of Palomas, when we walked across the border at Columbus, NM.  I was mezmorized by the Mariachis who sang to us while we were having lunch at the Pink Store.  What a shame the drug cartels are ruining their tourism, which is their major money maker…

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Sooooo…… today I made it my mission to download some great Mexican music from I-tunes..I found a super CD called “The Best Of Mexico”, by Los Copacabana…If you feel like I do, and think there is nothing more romantic than beautiful Latino music, I suggest this CD..It is playing right now as I am blogging..and I am longing to be sipping a Marguerita with the Mariachis serenading us again…..Sigh….

  That’s it for now..Dennis is beginning to wander through our yard looking for something to do…I’ll just bet I can find him something!!

Thanks for following the mindless meanderings of the Cave Dwellers….


  1. I agree, Mexico does have a unique charm. Feel bad that "some" have tainted the lure of crossing into Mexico.

    Will ck. out the CD...


  2. We too enjoyed our visit to Mexico, the one thing that stood out was the inner happiness that almost all the people show, they are really a happy people, no matter what straws life has pulled for them. Also we enjoyed the all inclusive resort we were at, Sam would walk by a drink kiosk and the waiter/ess would yell Samwell, Samwell, here, and magically a beer would appear.You could also dance the night away. Brings back many happy memories. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna