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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Adventures in Grandson Sitting….

  Friday night I was on Grandson sitting duty..Their sister and Mom were at the theater production, and Dad was in Indianapolis with my other daughter and her husband. They are all running the Indianapolis Mini Marathon tomorrow morning.  This means running 13 miles…Way too much concrete for my old feet to cover, but there are people our age that do it…(They must be abnormal.) Den and I have gone to Indy and watched the race when Chris and John ran, and it is a sea of people . They start the race downtown and have about 30,000 runners. The really cool thing about this race is that a portion of the run takes the runners around the racetrack…Now, if I could just sneak in as the runners entered the track, and disappear after they left the track, I would consider it! I guess I could walk it, but I would still need to have the paramedics right behind me.
100_6760 The cute little dark haired girl in the center is our neighbor, Jessica.  She automatically shows up when our grandkids hit the door, so she is just like another grandchild to us.
  I took a bike ride Friday and got some photos of a few more interesting items here in Sandwich….The first is another one of our big older homes. This one was once owned by one of our mayors, also owned by the police chief..and some of our family friends have lived there once, too. I have no idea who owns it now, but I have always loved it…There is an in ground pool in the back.
  On the left side photo below is what used to be the Sandwich Roller Rink,  My parents ran that skating rink from 1960 to 1962…It is now home to a Chinese restaurant in one end and a bar in the other end… The other picture is the Christian Science Church. A sweet, small little church which has been in Sandwich at about 50 years. I dated the kid who played the organ in that church when I was 16. He is now a lawyer…obviously even smart enough at that young age to see that I wasn’t serious about much of anything, let alone a braniac like him. ..did NOT appreciate my humor.
  100_6756 100_6755

I told you about our theater….There are 7 different screens for 7 different movies, hence the name WOW 7 , duh…(photo on left below)…  “Wow, there are 7 different movies all in one place in this dinky little town!”  Right across from the theater , conveniently, is the YumYum Shoppe…Burgers, fries, ice cream..the usual artery cloggers  ..yum, yum!!
100_6757 100_6758
  The kids had pizza and spaghetti for dinner last night…ya just gotta love the Hamburger Helper spaghetti dinners and cardboard pizzas.  I have learned over the years, after painstakingly preparing homemade meals for grandkids, that kids don’t have a refined palate.  They cannot tell the difference between real mashed potatoes and Ore Idas instant, so why bother?  I finally quit trying, and saved myself oodles of  time and anxiety….…..
Last evening was cold and windy, but nothing keeps Papa from his campfires.
…Den’s picture is a little blurry,  to no fault of my Kodak..I stuck my arm out the back door, and ONLY my arm, trying to zoom in while attempting to keep the rest of me inside , but you get the idea. 
  Our son-in-law came today about 2PM to get the boys, and brought me a beautiful Hydrangea for Mother’s Day.. (making lots of points!!)….After the wrecking crew all left, I got busy wiping up pizza crumbs, juice box spills, rescuing Cheetos from under the couch, and switching the channel from Sponge Bob to MSNBC..WHEW!!  But,!….I would not trade one Iron Man DVD for a Martha Stewart DVD…Perfection is not my forte!  Ok, time to switch the pop out of my refrigerator and bring the wine up from the basement…Thanks for checking in!!! Right now, I need a nap!

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