Cave Dwellings: We Need To Get Noah’s “Ark” Blueprint…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Need To Get Noah’s “Ark” Blueprint…

  I’m beginning to wonder if we should start collecting the animals 2 by 2,  fire up the skill saw and build and ark.  I think we have a couple oars that we could make use of ….It has been raining FOREVER!  I swear that every time I decide to go to Wally World for groceries, we are deluged with rain.  And, of course, I have to park in BFE..Not to be a whiner…but….our GMC has what’s called “ suicide” doors, which means you have to open the front door first, and then the back door to put groceries in the back seat.  This creates a huge opening for the rain and snow to blow in on both seats.  I hate it when I have to jump into a flooded front seat and sit in a puddle while driving home! It can also become embarrassing if I have to make another stop on the way home.  I get smirky, knowing looks from other older people…like they understand…”NO, NO, IT WAS MY TRUCK SEAT!!”


See this set up?? What a dumb design!!!  Speaking of maneuvering in and out of our truck in the rain, this morning I did my weekly garage sale “round robin.” There was a huge rummage sale at the Catholic Parish Center, and I wanted to be “Front Row Joe”…Of course ,they won’t open the doors until exactly 9AM, leaving lots of people standing  around outside with their umbrellas…I didn’t HAVE an umbrella, so I opted to stay in my truck.100_6820 100_6819

  Guess what I bought at the sale?? You guessed it…an umbrella. This sucker is gonna stay in the GMC for just this kind of day!


100_6808 100_6813

Above left, my Alium..and on the right my Tiger Eye Sumac..


There is a huge old Maple tree just down the street from us, and we walk by it every day when we do our 2 miles. The trunk is so knurly and rugged around the base of it. It reminds me of one of the Ents from Hobbit movie.  One of the tree roots has grown above the ground like a huge snake….

100_6812 100_6810 100_6811


    I was reading The Bayfield Bunch blog this morning and I agree with Al about “we who blog”.  I  really don’t think it is our egos that drive us, but I do think we are frustrated novelists, who love to share our daily (and often boring) stories with others.  It’s as if to say, “This is my family.  This is who we are, where we live, love , laugh and cry together..Sometimes we teeter on the edge of excitement, but mostly we are chuggin’ along, just living our life.” If people wish to read my blog, that’s great. I certainly enjoy other’s blogs!  If they take a peek and think…BORING! … that’s OK too!. I have always loved to write, and I find it much less expensive than going to a shrink.  Let’ just say it is conducive to my mental health and leave it at that.

  And as for now, the temperature has gone from 54 to 72 degrees in the matter of 1 hour…Does this mean I need to bring my weather radio downstairs?? I guess I should wade out into the backyard and see if my asparagus needs CPR…Thanks again for checking in…whoever did!!


  1. You BORING?? I don't think so just wish I could write as well as you and Al from Bayfield Bunch.Its in my head just have a hard time putting it in type to make any sense.

  2. Know what you mean by the suicide doors on the truck. We had a GMC with our 5th wheel years ago that had that same set up. Totally agree with the thought of writing being a great outlet for the mind. Works great for me too & keeps me away from the gates of the Funny Farm:))

  3. See if Denny would be interested in a foldacover, I put one on my Siverado when I got it and love it, it is a four section folding hard cover, that folds up to the front of the bed when you want to pull the 5th wheel, when its folded down you can put groceries or whatever in the back and it also locks, the top and the tailgate, E-mail me if he wants to see a picture I can attach one for him.