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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hotels and Hawks, a strange blog…go figure.

It is Wednesday, and I headed out to do some shopping.  On my way I stopped by our Best Western Timber Creek Hotel that was built about 2 years ago on the East edge of town.  It was built just before the financial crash and has been struggling to stay alive ever since.  We have events every so often in town, so that does help.  For instance, the DeKalb County Fair (Sandwich Fair),  and we have an antique show at the fairgrounds the 3rd Saturday of each month, April  through October.  In our bedroom I have some collectible Sandwich Fair Posters over our bed and a couple on the other walls.  They are prints of actual posters that were used almost 100 years ago to advertise the fair…..I love the period dress of the women in them.

100_7017 100_7014 100_7015

(clik the pik to get a better view)

  As I was saying, I stopped at the Hotel to get a few photos of the lobby mural that was painted by a local artist, Quen Carpenter.

100_6995100_6996  100_6997

…Left side our Sandwich Opera House is depicted with vintage characters, and on the right is the old Sandwich Railroad Depot, which unfortunately was torn down…When they demolished it, “big wigs” called it progress…I called it a travesty.

100_7001 100_7010

100_7005 100_7007

   OK, so photos of a hotel aren’t terribly exciting, but let me just say that when the word got out that a hotel was being built here, this little town was VERY excited….A hotel/convention center in Sandwich was just a “pipe dream” until then.  They also have a restaurant and cocktail lounge.  We know the families that pooled their finances to build this place, and it is a really nice hotel.  So if any of you ever get near Sandwich…we DO have a nice place to stay!!! ( and please let us know you’re coming so we can partake in a cocktail together on our deck…if we can hear each other over the train horns!)

  I am beginning my cocktail hour as I am typing, getting ready, so to speak, for the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Philadelphia Fliers hockey game, which begins in 1/2 hour.  If the Hawks win it, they win the coveted Stanley Cup.  If, God forbid, they don’t win tonight, they have one more chance on Friday, playing the Fliers here at the United Center in Chicago.  ( Just saying.. that if they have to play Friday..and they do win here in Chicago, that city will be UPSIDE DOWN!! . If they have to play Friday here, and DO NOT WIN…well, we really don’t wanta go there, do we???  Did you understand one word of what I just typed??? I thought not.  Well, I cannot blog and watch the game simultaneously, so I will bid you adieu for now and let you know the results in the next paragraph, after the game is over……….





They did it in overtime, too! What a great game!! Too bad the win didn’t happen in Chicago, but I’m sure a parade for “THE MIGHTY HAWKS” through downtown will take place soon.

   OK, it is now Thursday afternoon and I have calmed down sufficiently from my frenzy of the hockey game last night. I had to go through my blog “draft” and delete the ridiculous rantings of a die hard Chicago sports fan…you can’t relate, I’m sure.  And, by the way, I heard today that a parade IS planned for tomorrow in downtown Chicago. Den and I will not be attending..we will be watching it from our “cave”, here in the living room…remember…we are CAVE dwellers, NOT city dwellers.  The city life might suck us in , oh, maybe once a year, if that.  Don’t get  me wrong, Chicago is a lovely city on Lake Michigan.  It has Navy Pier, many museums, Water Tower Place, famous restaurants…and on , and on…and on.  That lifestyle is just not our bag, our venue, our cup of tea.  In reality, our “use to be” little town of Sandwich is getting away from our type of “dwelling”.  Enough said.

Well, another beautiful day is almost over.  The sun is out, temps are 80’s and life is good..More on Saturday…Oh,..  and…I’m sooo sorry about exposing you to the somewhat frantic and roller coaster life of a Chicago sport’s fan..It’s a disease Dennis and I have acquired, it has progressed over the years, and…sadly, there is no cure.


  1. What a gorgeous swimming pool!!! Makes me want to dive right in. I also think the mural is outstanding. I love the vivid colors.


  2. Would you believe back in the early 50's my Mother & I actually got lost on the Chicago subway one day. Yep, I was just a little guy but still remember that!!

  3. Thanks, friends, for signing on for "Our Life on Wheels" and your suypport after my surgery. That mural in your Best Western was a delight! It shows town pride, and if nothing else, it's an attraction to show visitors, who may also want to have a cocktail and dinner at the hotel. Don't know if we'll ever get to Sandwich, which is a wonderful name for a town. I'm sure there's a story there.