Cave Dwellings: Time With The Heiser Grandkids
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, June 25, 2010

Time With The Heiser Grandkids

  Here are some shots of Wednesday night’s storm.  I was “right on” when I thought it would hit just about cocktail hour…I never did get to the basement though…I was too busy playing Steven Spielberg…I have a feeling he has never balanced a camera in one hand, Rum and Coke in the other…On second thought, I’ll just bet he has!

100_7161 100_7159

…This big tree really need to be topped. We are always afraid it will be lying on top the Hiker after a big wind…We lucked out again last night and the Hiker survived another big storm..It is the neighbor’s tree…need I say more?

  Once the big blow was over, the sunset played innocently amongst the clouds…

100_7170 100_7173 100_7167 100_7175

…That last one was taken just as the sun actually set.  Unlike being in Arizona, where the horizon is always visible, we are tucked in between lots of big old homes.  This explains the lame photos…We certainly wouldn’t want to blame the photographer, now would we??

Our computer Satellite AND our TV Satellite both shot craps when the storm went through, so all we had left to track the Apocalypse was our Noah Weather Radio and the Police Scanner..Why ,oh why did I forget to bring the weather radio downstairs???? Note to self…they call it a weather radio so you can stay updated about severe watches and warnings of incoming hail, wind, lightening, thunder and downpours…DUH!!

Yesterday I went to Sugar Grove to watch my middle daughter’s 3 rugrats while she went with a friend for a Doctor’s appointment.  They are great kids, and the oldest, Taylor age 11 1/2, is actually good at holding down the fort when her mom and dad are gone.  But because Taylor is watching her brothers tonight, Terrie thought it may not be fair to ask Taylor to watch them 2 days in a row..Enter Grandma, stage right.




  I managed to finagle a piano solo from Taylor and a guitar rendition from Peyton…

100_7179 100_7180



  Maybe we could have another Partridge Family here, right??

  Our weather is much better today , but I, for one, am not letting down my guard…I heard the weather forcast…I am no fool…”possible severe storms Saturday and Sunday”..say what???? This is becoming very tiring indeed.

  The Heisers have an above the ground pool just off their patio…It looked very enticing, but not enough for Grandma to don a swimsuit and risk nauseating her own grandkids.  It could scar them for life…plus run the risk of the neighbors complaining to the police..I am a dead ringer for Maxine, the comic character..I have her body, her drinking habit and her attitude…and I am proud of it!!


  Tomorrow is Saturday and my Ya Ya ‘s are coming for coffee…AND it is date night, too!  This means I have to actually wear real clothing, such as jeans that fit and a top that doesnt’ have a saying on the front. No striped socks or sweat aloud on date night…Hey, maybe I could really shock Dennis and wear a skirt….hmmm…..maybe not.

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  1. You wear what you want to! It's your body you are covering or showing!

    Nice looking Heiser grandkids and nice looking pool. But the storms are something we'd just as soon avoid. However, we are anxiously awating our Arizona monsoons, which are necessary to the desert survival.