Cave Dwellings: INDY 500…ON THE WAY TO INDY
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


  OK!!!! We have lift off!! I am using our laptop computer with no mouse, so bear with me. We arrived in Indianapolis yesterday about 1:30PM.  I absolutely HATE going South of Lake Michigan on RT 80/94.  It is like being on the Indianapolis Raceway, I kid you not! Speed limits mean nothing on this road.  Dennis prefers it, so he drives it.  If I go on my own , (which is rare),  I go straight down IL Rt. 47 to Forest, IL.  From there I pick up Rt 24 East all the to I-65 South in Indiana…The only thing I need to worry about is a random cow in the road, or some farm equipment.

  I had brought dinner with me…stuffed shells pasta, garlic bread and salad,,so Chris didn’t need to worry about dinner for all of us.  Chris and John had other things to do….Shorts, sandals, cameras, bikinis, passports…all lying about in various spots to be collected and packed…

100_7070 100_7066

  Their flight left Indy this morning at 6AM for Cabo, with a lay over in Phoenix.  I heard them get up at 3AM.   They are attending a wedding of a very good friend in Cabo.   I think Chris had a really hard time leaving Aiden…We had to “talk her off the cliff”, so to speak, and assure her Aiden would be fine with the “old folks”….We DID, after all, have a little experience in the rearing of children.



  Their house is in a small area of Indy called Broad Ripple and is a really neat little town in the middle of a big town.  It is on the White River and the main street of Broad Ripple  is long street of restaurants and bars with open air seating all along the street.  Chris and John live just off the main drag, so we have a plethora of choices to grab some high fat, high sugar, high calorie food “to go”, if we desire.  I love this area of Indy.  John’s stepsister, Christy, is a racetrack  woman, born and raised.  Her father was the Indianapolis track doctor a while back, and he passed away unexpectedly when she was young.  She now lives and works in California for a TV/radio show called Speedfreaks, and her “stage” name is Crash Gladys.  ( Check out the link for photos of Crash ).  Long story short, Christy’s mom met John’s dad and they married.  John has 2 real sisters also, besides his stepsister, Christy and a stepbrother, Ryan.  Now there is a rather complicated and sketchy explanation,  thanks to my inability to keep it straight myself!

  Of course, Chris and John called from Phoenix this morning…(Yes, Chris, Aiden DID ask for Mommy..but only once).  She assured us we were going to get a call later from Cabo…NO, REALLY??  Bless her guilty little heart….She is about to get the vapors over leaving him behind.  (Do people still get the vapors?? Isn’t that just “gas”???)

Aiden is quite a treat.  He loves to “dip” his food, so for lunch Mimi ,(that’s what he calls me) , gave him lunchmeat and Ranch dip, with some peas on the side.  I threw in the peas to make me feel like it was slightly healthy.  He ate all of it!

100_7076 100_7077

  Above is a professional demonstration of the  “dip”, followed by “the insertion”….by Aiden Kendall Wolff.  Photo by Mimi…(who was wearing some of the dip on her shirt).

  Well, if this blog looks weird it is due to my mouseless typing.  We have a mouse to use with our laptop, but I am too lazy to fish it out of the case.  Thanks again for following us to Indy…I hardly noticed you in the back seat of the GMC…Were you into the wine we had back there???


  1. That little Aiden is a cutie pie! I bet you're going to have lots of stories to tell us about your babysitting adventures...

    Peas, ranch dressing, and lunch meat. Give the boy a slice of bread, will ya! ;)

    (check out what I replied to your comment about McGuyver on my blog) hehe! Sometimes I crack myself up...well, actually I always do!

  2. Bread will come with dinner...His mother is a bit of a health freak...She thinks KFC stands for Kick Fat Calories...I, however know the REAL meaning!!!

  3. Love the shirt you have fits you and thats a awful big coffee cup or is it coffee?

    And what have you done with Dennis I don't see him??

    Have fun with Aiden he looks like a partier..